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To understand someone’s real character

EVERY & ONLY white countries, neighborhoods, clubs and schools, are FORCED to become “diverse” (i.e. formerly white).

For the religion of Political Correctness, White children are being sacrificed. The aim of the religion of Political Correctness is a world without White children.

That’s genocide.

Yet followers of the religion of Political Correctness are obeying their Priests (their Mommy Professors) regardless. So they FORCE White children (their own included) to be victims of genocide.

That is SICK.

It is SO DEEPLY SICK that sane people are amazed at how this could ever be. But that is a hint at what is behind this. It is so deeply sick, because it goes back a long way.

Essentially the mentality we are dealing with is very old. It goes back such a long way, that it is actually older than history itself…

Since prehistoric times, the ultimate sacrifice was the killing of a human being to appease an angry priest or deity. In particular, the victims were innocents, especially CHILDREN.

A case in point is from the myth of Troy, of Agamemnon sacrificing his daughter, Iphigenia. A deity having been offended by something done by an adult, it WASN’T an adult who was sacrificed; it was a CHILD.

If you pay attention to the SILENCE it is crucial.

It is NOT a priest who kills himself. It is NOT adults. It is the CHILDREN who are sacrificed.

Now this may give you the Orwellian Creeps: The Mommy Professors (i.e. the Priesthood of Political Correctness) are denied the stories of Carthaginians burning their children to death at human sacrifices. The Mommy Professors denied this for GENERATIONS. The stories were so outrageous that they HAD to be made up. They HAD TO BE. But (despite this certainty) it has since been found by actually SEARCHING the ruins of Carthage, that there was a site where children were ritually slain, including petroglyphs of adults throwing children into fires…

Again, the SILENCE.  photo molech-sacrifice.jpg

It is NOT a priest who kills himself. It is NOT adults. It is the CHILDREN who are sacrificed.

If a follower of a religion were told to make the ultimate sacrifice, then that person might have the moral courage to take his or her own life.

A Trappist monk in his monastery was self-destructive, as taught by his religion, but at least he was IDEALISTIC enough to make his life as miserable as possible and to virtually kill himself. THAT was an idealist.

White anti-Whites are every bit as SICK as Trappist monks. But unlike the monks they are cowardly hypocrites. Rather than lead by example, instead they target their abusive, prehistoric mindset onto others… especially against children.

There is nothing dumber than a White anti-White. And there is nothing as vicious or as backward either.

To understand someone’s real character, see how they treat the defenseless.