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    John White

    Thanks for the clarification, guys!
    I’ve already began to apply that very approach.


    I’m glad you finally made an account, argentino!



    Hi i´m from argentina i was born in a ns family, thats why i understand the game of the system better than the common people, and the mantra is something that works because the enemy used it without any logic, and the people is a kind of cattle. My experience is keep it simple and it´ll work. In my country works perfect because the people is timidly pro-white, but they need to hear it from someone else, the simple words to justify their believes and reafirm their comprehension of reality that they already have.
    i would say also that many comrades didn´t understand yet how the world works. thats why they don´t use the manthra. they are still learning in the path of what they really are as a whites and the subtlety of the tactics of our great enemies.
    The best fertile land are those persons who don´t participate actively, the watchers, i usually send them private messages for a more warm talkings, and for the anti-whites fighters i do not give they much more importance than a copy and paste of simple mantras for the common eye with little adjustments. If not is a waste of time of never ending with manthras but this time those of the enemies. LOL.
    One of the greater problems for me is that many of the awekened want to keep certain tipe of contact but i gently refuse. The people still happy for the new ideas anyway.

    P.S: Sorry by my poor english.

    Ice Knight

    Welcome argentino! Your English is fine.

    Yes that is what I do to anti-Whites that send me personal messages – cut and past the whole mantra into an email without any changes and hit send!

    If they reply I just do the same again – gets the anti-Whites really mad!


    Welcome argentino!


    I found this place from BUGSwarm’s forum on SF. When I post the Mantra, do I link on this site and/or SF’s site? I guess it doesn’t matter.

    Many thanks to Beefcake for your Boot camp pod casts.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Heidelmann: Welcome! If you link on this site, link on
    Probably more of us will see your links here than at SF, but either place is good, for different reasons.


    We need people like argentino – lots of White people speak Spanish.
    We need people from all the White nations.
    So that we can reach out and make a connection with all the people of the White nations.


    Also new to this. I posted a mini-mantra on a very popular Youtube video, “They’ll Call This Video Racist,” and it made it as a Top Comment. But then, apparently, several people flagged it as spam to get it removed. Tons more comments are hidden/flagged as spam as well, and they’re more than likely those from our side. It appears those with opposing views are flagging as spam as a method of censorship.

    How do you combat this sort of thing?

    Henry Davenport

    Welcome, Lily. There’s an ongoing discussion about youtube problems, both on our working thread where we post links to where we’re commenting (click on the red and blue invitation at the top of this page), and on the thread “Beating Youtube Censorship,” which you’ll see in the right hand margin of this page under “Swarm topics.”

    I haven’t found it a problem myself, but I don’t post as heavily as some others here do.


    Thanks, I will read it!


    All right lad’s ! New here. Reporting for duty & all that.
    I am trying to set up a Y0u-Tube account & failing as of now because of the mobile number I’m not giving them my number it’s private haha ha.
    I’m planing on placing the mantra in a conspiracy sub section of a site that a lot of my people ( your those to) frequent. But it has its share of high priests of p-c who seem to run the show in other sections.

    I remember there was a lad on here who posted to ab0ve-t0p-s3cret conspiracy I know how that one fared. It was well done though the lay out was brilliant pity i never copied it because i need a few ideas, if you are around would you give me a shout.
    Bye lad’s

    Daniel Genseric

    Welcome to BUGS, Lily!

    Welcome, DagDa!

    BUGSters can be a tough crowd and sometimes you will get gruff retorts. That is natural as most spend countless hours in the trenches battling some of the worst scum imaginable. Don’t take it personally and realize they are trying to help correct any oversight you might be making because, above all, WE WANT TO WIN!

    Please take the time to read Gar5’s intro:

    Onward to victory!

    David Joop

    Greetings to all new arrivals. What Genseric said.

    Also, I think this should be stickied for all new BUGSers to use. It’s pretty invaluable, I think.


    Thanks for the welcomes and for the links, it is most appreciated. 🙂

    Bone China

    OK so here I am. Reporting for duty! Just a couple of questions. Username is not what I would normally use. As you may know, Bone china is famous for it whiteness and strength so it’s what I chose. Maybe its stupid.
    Am I understanding correctly that when you sign up to post the mantra somewhere you just use whatever username since all bugsters will recognize the mantra?
    Also, is there risk involved? I saw someone mention proxies. Is this necessary?

    Ice Knight

    Welcome Bone China, perfect username and glad to have you on board!

    Yes feel free to use any username when swarming, most BUGSters have multiple usernames and some even change theirs on a daily basis to get around spam filters. Some of the guys use TOR, but I’ve been swarming for about 9 months without proxies and haven’t received a knock on the door yet. As long as you stick to the mantra they can’t really do anything and the last thing they want to do it bring mainstream attention to our message. When that happens it’s game over for the anti-Whites!

    Henry Davenport

    @ Bone China: Welcome!

    I think proxies are used by some here just to avoid IP bannings from sites, post removals, etc. If anyone is using them to hide themselves from risk, I haven’t been aware of it. But then I guess I wouldn’t.

    @ Dagda: wonderful job you did on that forum you linked today on the working thread!


    Greetings, All.

    Been lurking and swarming for a while; just popping in to introduce myself.  Honored to fight White GeNOcide with you fine folk.

    When one first awakens and fancies himself enlightened, little does he know that Bob Whitaker is out there waiting to wake him up for keeps.  Thanks, Bob.


    Henry Davenport

    @ Sentinel: Lol, so true! Welcome to you. May you thrive here and be happy, and kick butt. As you are obviously already doing!


Viewing 20 posts - 81 through 100 (of 218 total)
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