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Dennis K

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  • in reply to: Mantra in the News #106796
    Dennis K

    I was just about to post “The Onion” as well. I think for a parody site, it will do a lot to help spread the message. I almost thought one of our guys must have written it for them!

    in reply to: FORUM TECH ISSUES TO KEYMASTERS #106502
    Dennis K

    There doesn’t appear to be a means on the site to register as a new user.

    There is a button to Log In, but not to register. How do people go about setting up a new account? Is the lack of a ‘create new login’ function an oversight, or a deliberate omission for security reasons?

    Dennis K

    You must focus on the intention, not the likely result.

    Do you let someone trying to kill you off the hook for attempted murder, because their plot maybe won’t have worked to completion?

    They tried, thats the point.

    The point is, there is deliberate policy to undermine a race or identifiable group of people by making them a minority and assimilating them out.

    Assimilation is the endgame. They will not accept a white minority who doesn’t assimilate.

    Will anti-white stop persecuting “racists” and whites (which to them is the same) when we are a minority? Well they then say “You know, we’ve gone too far, we can stop non-white immigration now?” Will they say to someone who is against interracial marriage “You know, given that you are a minority, thats OK to suggest that whites should marry other whites”.

    Will they ever say “You know, it’s gone far enough”

    No, they won’t. We know they won’t, a few will see its gone too far, and defect, but the hardcore anti-whites won’t. So why give them the benefit of the doubt?

    If whites are going to defect, then we must demand it now. No neutrality on this issue can be tolerated.

    Assimilation of white people out of existence is the logical conclusion of what they advocate. It is the logical conclusion of having mass immigration which cannot be opposed of even criticised or recommended against, and racial assimilation, which cannot be opposed, or criticised, or even recommended against.

    Play it to the end, its genocide, the eradication of an identifiable group of people. They know this is the endgame. They’ve talked about the coffee coloured new race. They’ve openly said whites must go.

    If they wan’t to push it, then call it for what it is.

    I know it can sound crazy to talk about “Genocide”, it sound fringe. But thats because of the insanity of what THEY are pushing.

    We don’t say Genocide because we are far our fringe dwellers. We say it because it is the brutal reality. It is they who are that crazy.

    Yes, they really are advocating blended out of existence, not just ‘minority’.

    in reply to: The "Refugee Crisis" Talking Points #104279
    Dennis K

    The ire directed against Hungary proves, NO EXCEPTIONS! It has to be ALL and ONLY White Countries which become mass third world human dumping grounds.


    And this I bring up.

    China has 60 million unoccupied dwellings, at least. They have CITIES which are empty, freshly built, awaiting people. All the refugees could move to a new city, give use to their investment, bring diversity to China, without having to displace a single Chinese person from their home.

    Yet the anti-racists don’t mention this, or worry about it. It HAS to be Europe where they go. It has to be at the expense of ethnically cleansing (opps, I mean “evicting” Europeans from their homes). Why? Could it be that the goal isn’t to help the refugees, but wage demographic warfare against White people? It would certainty explain the contradictions.

    in reply to: What's A White Person #96454
    Dennis K

    What do you mean “What is a white person”?

    Anti-whites constantly talk about white privilege!

    Anti-whites talk up ‘mixed race’ marriages.

    Anti-whites object to “white” people saying we should only marry each other.

    Anti-whites talk about white people needing to mix with other races to diversify the gene pool.

    Anti-whites like Tim Wise talk about the “end” of White people, and his audience don’t question who he is referring to.

    Anti-whites talk about towns, cities, nations, TV shows and weddings as being “too white”.

    Anti-whites talk about how when whites are mixed out, there will be no more racism.

    In EVERY CASE, the anti-white can judge who belongs to the White “social construct”, by SIGHT. In EVERY CASE, when anti-whites are talking to anti-whites, they know whom they are referring to.

    Yet they turn around and ask “what is white”?

    You have been using this term all this time, based on someones heritage, hearing this term from anti-whites, without question, and now you claim you don’t know, can’t define it?

    I don’t believe you!

    Dennis K

    Think about what is happening. You are talking to someone who more than likely (as evidenced by their choice), thinks white Genocide is not a problem.

    You do.

    Don’t over analyze. Keep it simple.

    They are just like other anti-whites, with one difference. An anti-white teenager or adult with white children, or even a Black, Asian, or even their own mixed race children, can accept we have a point. There are black people who understand why we do this.

    But a mixed race couple, especially with Children, have invested against your race. That white person can’t just “presto-changeo” realize your point. He is tied to his treason.

    I agree with Silver Squirrel, if you discuss it, and they bring up their children, just say that they are hiding behind their children, and that their choice of who to have children with, in no way, justifies Genocide, or silencing a people in opposing their own Genocide (which is just another way of justifying Genocide)

    Leave it at that. We have no obligation to play “what if”, regarding a theoretical winning of power, precisely because we are NOT advocating any specific action (and frankly the SF’ers who assume the future will play out as they plan, are fools). Anything “we” might due is theoretical, highly speculative and likely fanciful and not reflective of what would likely happen.

    But THEIR Genocide isn’t theoretical, its REAL and happening Now. Never forget that and don’t let them get away with shifting to fanciful crimes they dream up, that may not happen, to justify a real Genocide, which is happening.

    Should they suggest that you might do naughty things, take offence at their opinion of what you would do, as you rightfully should. It is slander.

    But I just don’t bring it up, because they aren’t on my side, and unlike others, are least likely to end up being on my side.

    You have to accept that. You just have to accept that they’ll turn against you.

    in reply to: "DIVERSITY" IS…. #94654
    Dennis K

    Hi guys and girls.

    The line below popped into my head while writing a comment. Perhaps it needs some tweaking, but it makes a point, which at least to me, says something.

    Political Correctness has gone from shaping and removing our attitudes, if it ever was about that, to shaping and removing our race.

    in reply to: Short clip on white "replacement" in France #92537
    Dennis K

    Good video.

    One point we must press, is there is NO anti-racism. Never was.

    Anti-racism is NOT about ending hate, ending racial subjugation. It is purely about making whites accept genocide and banning anything which might prevent this. It is purely attacking racial self preservation.

    It is NOT racists vs anti-racists. It is people who want freedom to protect their racial continuity vs people who want to deny them the freedom to protect their racial continuity.

    There are no people who aren’t racist. There are no ‘colourblind’ people. They just don’t exist. We have two competing forms of discrimination. One self destructive.

    in reply to: "What can I do to get involved?" – Answered #52081
    Dennis K

    There are some of us who don’t necessarily report here, who still work the mantra into general discussion, promote it in articles, push it to others.

    As the mantra spreads, a smaller and smaller proportion of people using it will be core BUGSERS. I see it working its way, slowly, into the mainstream. I see nationalist groups picking it up. I see people on discussion panels using mantra-like arguments.

    I can start to see how it is true that the people who originally pushed it, will be forgotten when it becomes a steamroller.

    Dennis K

    80% of White People are FAGGOTS.! & sooo therefore NATURE is NOW

    Replacing them! Good Riddance!

    I did of course, point out that he is supporting Genocide, and therefore is PROOF that anti-white are just racists and bigots hiding behind “anti-racism”

    in reply to: A Final Solution to the White Privilege problem #39634
    Dennis K

    A point that must be made, is that there is no alternative offered to end “white privilege” that doesn’t result in Genocide.


    Whites who are accused of gaining from privilege include children, who have done nothing.  They have ‘privilege’ BECAUSE they are white. Note the lack of any way in which white can clear themselves of it.  They either must non-exist, or be in a perpetual state of submissiveness (submissiveness to assimilation included).

    No anti-white posits a ‘final solution’ to the privilege problem.  No anti-white outlines criteria which can be met, where whites no longer are accused of ‘privelege’.

    None that don’t involve genocide.  In the Straight Dope thread, as I have previously on SF, I asked AGAIN and AGAIN for a position from them which did not result in white Genocide, and got nothing.  I asked for a white country which could be exempt, where anti-racists would not get upset if it maintained its whiteness, and got nothing.  One muppet tried to say Turkey was an example!


    Daniel Genseric‘s post nails it I think.  I would think the sentence

    When asked HOW whites are “privileged,” they say we were “BORN that way. We’re white.”

    could be altered to read

    Those who say that whites are privileged, offer no solution to the Privilege problem which does not involve genocide of whites.

    What do you think?

    Dennis K

    This quote sums up well an argument I used to try and use


    Nobody has to ENFORCE the Interrmarriage. They ENFORCE the conditions which lead to Interrmarriage.


    When debating.  Don’t worry about reality.  Worry about INTENT.  Anti-whites try to argue that

    1) You have a choice as to who you mate with (TRUE)


    2) So do others.

    This is a diversion, because it gets you talking about what YOU do and think rather than what THEY do any thing.


    My response is always the same.

    You knowingly support creating conditions which you know will lead to whites intermarrying.  If a white person was to spread a message saying not to intermarry, they do so under great risk of political persecution and accusations of racism.  It is your intention to support a program whereby whites are assimilated out which condemns you.  You are the equivalent of a crook pleading that they are innocent of a crime, because they missed their target.


    in reply to: Beating Youtube Spam Marking #38041
    Dennis K

    Best to keep EXACTLY to the mantra theme, but slightly alter the words.

    So “Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for everyone” can become “Why is it that Asia is for the Asians, Africa is for the Africans, but white countries must be for everyone?”


    The simple addition if the word “is”, will confuse the filter.  But the message is the same.

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