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Spring Cleaning

The main reason we do not have thousand-year lifespans is because evolution has given us the one we have.   Birth, sex, growing up, all these are very difficult and complex processes, and in each step of this process, birth, competition for mates, and maturation, the mortality rate has been enormous.

But evolution stops prolonging each kind of life at some point.

With machines it is necessary to do the same thing: We have to take it apart, check each part, and correct.   And the time comes when we replace them completely.

The lesson is that out in the real world, every functioning being and thing is torn down and rebuilt new by nature.  photo phoenix.jpg

We ourselves age and take that into account.

That being which is not from time to time started anew and afresh becomes a disease and becomes decrepit.

Examples are endless.   Academia had gone far beyond the comic in its pointless Scholasticism, and it took centuries for Occam’s Razor to sink in even partially.

Medicine was a tragic comedy until it was simply totally abandoned and rebuilt in the nineteenth century and Galen’s bumbling sorcery totally forgotten.

And Western academe is steadily falling back to the Guru Age India had reached when we got there, with a little brown man dispensing Wisdom with a begging cup while children starve around him.

None of us has ever seen an explanation as to why nature always kills us and renews us.

But it tells us loudly that institutions that go on become rotten and diseased.

Academic, law enforcement, bureaucracy, every one of them rots until it we analyze it from the bottom, and clean it out TOTALLY.