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Occam’s Revenge

People  make their livings by discussing Marxism.   The same kind of people made their living writing about the Soviet Union.  These latter were “Sovietologists.”   Not one single “Sovietologists” ever came even close to predicting what would happen, what WAS happening, to the USSR.

On September 11, 2001 I predicted that not one single person in the entire defense-intelligence complex would get so much as a slap on the hand for the gross errors everyone then was screaming about.   I was right.

The USSR collapsed so totally and instantly for two reasons: 1) The Stalin Constitution of 1936 gave each republic the right to secede; and 2) Communism is SILLY.

You will not read the above ANYWHERE else.

You will not read the above obviously true statements anywhere else for the same reason the fight against the Mantra was so expected by me and so long carried out by pro-white leaders.

Just as pro-white leaders hate to use simple truths, professionals in every field hate simple truth.  photo diversity_chasingdownthelastwhiteperson-v5.gif

There is far too little room for simple truths in the world of the paid expert.

Only a society which had reached Newton and calculus could have respected men who could deduce the world from basics.  Until then it was Mommy Professor all the way: Latin, Greek, chained books, robes in the universities so you could tell which one was The Wise Man.

As Polydoros has pointed out, we have the same situation in today’s social sciences.

When we find something, like quarks that simply does not fit into physical science theory, the real scientists are fascinated.    Anything that does not fit into social science theory or into theology is simply ignored.

No one is going to mention the fact that Communism is SILLY.  John “Stewart” admits now that Communism is “not viable.”

Not viable and hysterically absurd are totally different things.

Even the USSR admitted that it found Communism ridiculous when Lenin adopted the “New” Economic Plan in 1921.   His attempt to found an economics based on “Soviet leadership and electricity,” i.e., throwing out the market and having “intellectuals” run the economy, went to pieces instantly.

But one cannot appear wise or be a Published Professional by telling an obvious truth.

The old theologians and the new theologicans HATE Occam’s Razor.