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“The Truth? You Can’t HANDLE the Truth!!” Part Two

As with ALL of today’s commentators, for whom the children just come out, Marxist theory begins with distributing the economic production that, to the mind of the average  Mommy Professor or college student, just “comes out.”

Like Medieval monasteries, universities are now the graveyards of the genes that finance them. As with the monks, if you can read, you are to be dedicated to childlessness. A family that emphasizes education must have a tiny family or none at all because of the giant expenditure for their Mommy Professor.

The real future of our race depends on this succession. Presently we build the gene pool out of people who are too stupid or careless to use contraception. Genes that produce college-prone offspring are doomed.  photo children-1.jpg

More practically speaking, the more developed a society, the more parents become responsible for their offspring. DNA analysis is just the beginning. More and more careless men are going to be ordered into WORK for the children they produce.

On the other hand, before the welfare state, children were your only social security. Now, that is government’s realm.

So I cannot discuss what the Mantra means in the Real Future because the more any editor or writer is important in the present regime, the more his power depends on the PRESENT despot.

I even offend the Conspiracy Industry here, both that on the right and the one not called conspiracy industry because it is on the left.

From what I am saying, all conspiracy theorists will scream that I am ascribing the endless popularity of Adolf Hitler as being an ideal to cover any criticism on the present genetic system which is the unquestioned monarch.

Here I am telling you why I do NOT discuss the future.

You can’t take it.

Even BUGSERS will either not comment on this or will sink down to a Stormfronter level.

The present system is NEVER questioned. There is never a question of a question.

But when it collapses, the Mantra will be one of the deciding mechanisms in it.

Now, there will either be total silence except for the “God Will Get YOU For This,” but this is the first answer to people who ask me about “the Future.”

Audio Bob