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Words or People?

In every area, the United States is moving toward the stagnation of colored countries.

All my earlier life, a certain percentage increase in per capita income was taken as inevitable. This was because technology was steadily moving forward.  In fact, any econometrician could probably chart the rate of stagnation by looking at our changing color.  The line goes from upward when white, to stagnation and to the steady decline to third world status observed in all brown lands.

Meanwhile, Mommy Professor mentions polls which show the public endorsing the statement ‘The great days of America are past.” photo dick-tracy-wristwatch.gif

No  sh**, Dick Tracy.

These were the exact same Mommy Professors who STILL take Marxism seriously.

They STILL say that if the economy were turned over to “The Intellectuals,” meaning them, Production would rocket upward.

You know, the way it did in the USSR.

To Mommy Professor and the yuppies, Economics is a Voodoo governed by “highly complex factors.” Only Understood by The Intelligentsia.

To me, the economy is the product of those who make up the country:

“Ourselves and OUR posterity.”

Mommy Professor, who made the USSR the stunning success it was, says that the purpose of America is “all men are created equal.”   Guess who is to decide what “equal” means?

Mommy Professor insists that all that matters is the WORDS a country uses.

And we can follow Mommy Professor down the same chute the USSR did.