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American Freedom Party, a Presidential Candidate and a Message

Posted by Bob on March 14th, 2015 under Coaching Session

One BUGSER asked me if we were running a separate ticket for president and vice president for the American Freedom Party (AFP).

I will campaign on White Genocide.

Kenn, our presidential nominee, knows that and agrees with it.

Let’s take a moment to APPRECIATE that.

Any other right splinter party like the American Party and certainly the Libertarians would scream bloody murder and get rid of me instantly.

Once again, I remind you of a SUBbasic, i.e., something that we take for granted and which doesn’t get mentioned.

As trained BUGSERS, we seem to notice only that Kenn is not a trained specialist in our area.

A SUBbasic is a point that is overlooked because it is taken for granted, like the fact that Diversity only refers to whites.

I would like to put forward the SUBbasic that, when I made if perfectly clear we were running a one-issue, White Genocide campaign, they not only accepted it but ENDORSED it.

More important to us, Kenn did not even raise an eyebrow at it.

The American Freedom Party has an article on the Hungarian rejection of Diversity of which I am jealous:

They did not mention the second political Party which quotes the Mantra, but nobody’s perfect.

If any other Party, no matter how tiny, went along with us this way we would celebrate it.  photo vpmarshall.jpg

Kenn is not a trained BUGSER, but he is someone who can discuss OTHER issues.  We found out on PalTalk how boring our message gets if it is done right over a half hour or so.

This running on two separate forms of publicity is all brand new, but brand new is Bob’s specialty, the reason you pay me the Big Money.

I now favor the vice presidential slot because the head of the ticket has to travel, which is a non-go for me, but also because Kenn’s function is entirely different from what I see as a vice presidential nominee’s: The lead man on the ticket has to make speeches and handle ALL issues.

Further, I have new vision for a vice presidential nominee, or at least THIS one.

The vice president is famous for having no Function.   His only job, outside of keeping his heart beating in case the president fails in that function, is to preside over the Senate.   But the Senate goes right on along when there is no Vice President.

The vice presidency has no FUNCTION.

Instead of a FUNCTION, we will make the Vice Presidency a MESSAGE.

Same ticket, two candidates – one who is willing to perform the FUNCTIONS of the Presidency, and the other a MESSAGE: END WHITE GENOCIDE.

  1. #1 by Bob on 04/01/2015 - 9:30 am

    There is space here, so, like any other political candidate, I’ll fill it.
    No one knows when I first wrote the Mantra, least of all me.
    My favorite line when I am in action was definitely not invented by me:
    “Diversity always means too many white people.”
    But you play hell her finding who invented what because Coach Bob does exactly what he keeps urging YOU to do:
    If it’s good, I snatch it and start using it ruthlessly so quick you don’t see the action.
    When a bee comes back to the Swarm with news of where flowers are, he does not expect the other bees to stop and parade him around on their shoulders.
    He wants them to head for the damned FLOWERS!

  2. #2 by TheSeeker OfTruth on 04/02/2015 - 8:49 am

    That, in my opinion, is the easiest most demonstrable point we can make.
    Not a lot of people had heard of “anti-racism” less have heard the correct definition of genocide, but everyone has heard of diversity and most have seen the results.

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