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Animals Are “Incited”, Humans Are Responsible For Their Own Actions

I remember when it was perfectly acceptable for a policeman who found a murdered girl to mutter, “Look at that short skirt! She was ASKING for it!”

We find that sort of language right in this article. “White supremacists have free speech, but not the right to incite violence.”

So the girl was responsible for her rape and murder. And if anti-Whites commit violence they were just “incited” by it.

You cannot have that sort of crap and keep any freedom of speech. Naturally the person in the media favors it.

We have GOT to Swarm this crap.

Adults are also not allowed to declare anybody they don’t like as “Hate Groups.”

Clearly the Hate belongs to the MEDIA!

If the media recorded speeches on campus about White people, you would hear some real hatred. Answer to accusations of White Genocide. They always begin with “The White race DESERVES genocide.” You have all seen it every time.  photo hatespeech.jpg

Then, as if waking from a trance, the anti-Whites realize that they have advocated genocide and begin to back off.

But the American Final Solution to the White Problem remains doing away with the White race. They find out where there are “too many White people” and the official government policy is to chase them down with “diversity”.

CNN came for an interview with me right after that kid in Charleston shot Black people. Laura got a secret copy of the interview. – Transcript – Robert Whitaker CNN Interview 2015-06-19

I cut them to pieces, and we have the record. CNN did not DARE show any of the real interview.

But it is time YOU started calling the media down on their invented Language.

It  takes a real coward to hide behind terms like “Hate.”

No people can remain free if they allow this kind of routine distortion to go on without being mentioned.