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First Rule of Business: If it Upsets your Competition, you abandon it, right?

Like Perot and Goldwater and Reagan and all the rest, Trump paid a bunch of big money Advisors.

These professionals were told that alt right and other extremists scared his anti-White enemies. So they demanded that he denounce them all.

Now let us take this political example over to big business. Trump has never tried to take over the presidency, but he has taken over a lot of businesses.

Let us say he is engaged in taking over a rival business and hired what are called professional advisors in that area of the market. They tell him that a group in charge of that group scares the tinkle out of rival business leaders.

Let us say that  photo trumpyf.jpghis high-priced new advice says that he must take away their concerns.

Somebody whose first reaction to a scared opposition is to reassure them is a little unusual in Reality World.

In fact the first reaction to someone who wants to reassure his enemies is to be sure that those advisors are not allowed to pick up anything sharp.

But on his old Reality TV show, if a new hiree panicked when an opponent yelled “Six Million Jews!” for the hundredth time and the new man demanded instant surrender, the old Trump would have shouted, “You’re FIRED!”

These shrieks came from people who shrieked Nazi all the time.

The big money professional advisor then takes his gigantic fee and advises that this “Nazi” be disowned.

And the people paying them lose.


It is amazing that a top businessman fell for this crap two or three times before he simply nixed any more advisors he had to keep away from the sharp pencils.

Nothing I advocate is even vaguely radical. It is common sense for everybody except the eternally defeated conservative.



Stealth Has Its Downside?

As you know, National Review publisher William Rusher threw himself completely into my effort to go after conservative working people’s votes. Buckley fought the idea every inch of the way.

On Election night nobody in the media could even remember that he had ever even REFERRED to any “Wallace Democrats.”

They were suddenly “Reagan Democrats.”

But nobody in the media would remember outloud that there had ever been such a term as “Wallace Democrats.”

And what went for the big fish went as well for the tiny, slimy ones.

National Review’s memory was wiped clean of anyone, least of all Honest Bill Buckley, ever having gone that way.

One of the Buckley National Review types went so low even I could hardly believe it.

There was a picture of Rusher at the Reagan celebration, and under it was, “Bill Rusher has to admit he was wrong in his predictions of gloom and doom for the Republican Party.”

Nobody is as slimy as a cuckservative who was just plain WRONG.

Rusher had repeatedly said that the Republican Party was doomed IF it did not go after those it denounced as “Wallace Democrats.”

And it WAS!

But this last desperate attempt to hide the fact that Buckley was WRONG just showed once again that the ass-kisser Buckely types will stoop to ANYTHING while they talk of honor and honesty.

Buckley saw that nasty little lie and he CLEARED it for National Review.

This is a pretty complicated and obscure point. It is not easy to explain.

But when a decent person SEES it, the more he thinks about it the trashier, the nastier, the more small-souled it becomes. Rusher and Buckley had been “best friends” for decades.

A MAN would have said to Rusher, “Damn, man, you had it RIGHT!”

A MAN would, but William Buckley could not have admitted that in a million years.

Buckley was a TINY little piece of shit.

He was cuckservatism in person.

Yes, pro-white leaders have have been wrong about things like white genocide and not admitted it, but I prefer to make a joke of that. There is an aspect to it that is hilarious.

We use a Stealth strategy. We plant ideas so that even cuckservatives cannot miss them entirely. But when our Stealth succeeds so well that even they do not realize it, we are upset because no one saw it coming!

It is important for me to remember the nature of my own whole approach.

It is, to repeat, Stealth. It was stealthy.

Jared Taylor said my stuff was “a hard sell.”

Jared had been out fighting the anti-white elite for decades.   He would readily admit he was wrong about the ultimate point. He would admit it to an anti-White, just as Buckley would have admitted he was wrong if it was against Galbraithor some other Elite Intellectual on the other side.

Jared is a snob.  That is his approach.

Jared simply does not mention me. But Jared is a man. He would never have a photo of me like the one of Rusher, declaring he was RIGHT!

Jared ignores me.  My Stealth strategy was easy to miss.

Which is exactly what Stealth is all about!

So it is very hard for someone who is not in on the details to see the difference. One has to explain the exact situation when Rusher was shaking hands with the man for whom he had won the presidency.

It should have been a grand moment.  photo NR2.jpg

For Rusher.

For Reagan.

And for National Review.

I remember when I first noticed that there was a picture of Rusher and Reagan. Rusher gave me a free lifetime subscription to NR, which is here every two weeks to remind me of the moral abortions I worked with for so many years.

There is nothing to make me appreciate pro-Whites like a biweekly dose of NR.

But I remember when I glanced through the post election issue and saw that they actually had a picture of Rusher with the man he as much as anyone had elected president.

I was DEEPLY touched. I left it for last, trying to imagine how Buckley would handle the fact that he was just plain WRONG.

I left it for last like dessert.

Then, mentally, I threw up.

It has been impossible for me to tell this complicated story in such a way as to get the reader to understand what a betrayal it was, how low, how, in the literal sense of the term, how MEAN.

Many BUGSERS are furious at the ways I have been snobbed. This may explain why I am not phased by that.

And I find it almost impossible to be truly angry at the pro-Whites who gave us that perfect term, CUCKservative.