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    Henry Davenport

    “Who trained you to love White Genocide so much?”

    I just had a thought that might be helpful: ask myself if what I’ve just written is something an advertising man would be satisfied with.

    J Locke

    Anti-Whites believe Whites are responsible for the worst historical genocide, the holocaust, and the worst of other other racial injustices. They sometimes say Whites shouldn’t even complain about their genocide.

    Anti-Whites are usually anti-White because they believe in racial equality. If equality is the truth, one must acknowledge that all perceived racial injustices committed by the White race, including the holocaust, African slavery, colonization, nation-building, etc. were really committed by every race. Equality means the roles of the races in history are interchangeable with each other. Blacks were just as likely to enslave Whites because of “black racism” as Whites were to enslave blacks. Diversity must be the true reason for the”racist” White thug, then. The solution is to split into different ethnic homelands in America, ones for each race, and one for all races.

    But don’t let anyone blame the White race for historical racist crimes, force them to name diversity as the real reason.


    @runner, your tailgating again.

    “Anti-Whites are usually anti-White because they believe in racial equality.”

    If they really believed in “racial equality”,they would`nt be selectively acknowledging the genocide law for everyone but whites.


    “The solution is to split into different ethnic homelands in America, ones for each race, and one for all races.”

    That comes under “Policies” which is off-message.

    Henry Davenport

    @ runner: I liked the main point of your post (about equality) a lot, and I meant to say so earlier, but now after reading dungeoneer’s first response to you I realize he’s right and his reply would be on message while yours wouldn’t.

    A shame, because I think your point is a very true and very clever one. I’ve copied your post because I have a feeling there will be some use for your point somehow in an on-message way. Diversity does come up, because assimilation destroys diversity and we talk about assimilation. I bet the point you made will find a proper setting, though I can’t see it yet!

    At this point maybe both of us…well, I’ll just speak for myself….should be concentrating on staying on message until that’s automatic.

    The Beef

    Put this in the other Thread, Where did you post the Mantra today, but it is useful over here too.

    Was on the Don and Derek Black show again this morning 16 April 2012. Talked about Mantra use, and the IMPORTANCE, of NOT ANSWERING the Questions Anti-Whites ask us.

    Any time an Anti-White is questioning you, he is trying to lead the conversation. They take anything you say, and try to use it against you with another loaded question.

    It is a tactic used by the prosecution on a defendant.

    Even if it turns into an interrupting and yelling match of Questions back and forth, we STILL do NOT take the baited Question.

    The Prosecution always asks the Questions, and we are charging Anti-Whites with a crime of attempted Genocide. Even a lower level Anti-White is advocating Genocide.

    We ask them Questions based on the Mantra Talking points.

    Such as: “If ALL Black countries were being force integrated and assimilated out of existence, would you be ok with that? Would you tell them if they did not like it they should leave?”

    Remember it is the Pro-White who is opposed to White GeNOcide who has the moral highground, and there for it is WE who should be asking the Questions.

    Then we DEMAND they answer the question, and we keep asking, REPEAT the Question as often as you can, and we can even keep count in front of the Audience.

    If they try to dodge it and ask thier own Question, its “No NO, YOU answer OUR Question first” and the repeat the Question.

    If they take the Question and try to answer it, Jump on their answer then, with another Question.

    If they say “well no I wouldn’t”, then we say “so its only ok to Genocide White people?” “What did White people do to deserve Genocide?” then if they justify it, you point out they are justifying genocide, if they try back tracking you call them on that too.

    They are advocating a CRIME, they are the one in the Defendants seat.

    Its an importat concept for ALL the SWARM.

    Anyway, that was the Mantra concept on the Show, if anyone here cares to listen to it the podcast should be up later this afternoon or evening.

    J Locke

    I must apologize to all for tailgating.

    beefcake – Yes sir, great to have you fighting White genocide for us.

    HD – Thank you for seeing the logic and thinking it’s good.


    Beefcake, that helped a lot. I like the idea that we don’t take questions, we ask them and demand answers based on talking points. Yes, when we run around answering their questions, we are acting like defendants.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    Okay, a topic was raised about mentioning jews over in the Jewaholic topic. I made a comment and was replied to but alas the thread was closed. As this topic is pertinent to our debate I would like to address some things here.

    “What do you mean what good does that do? That is a perfect example of the double standard set in place against us.”

    WHY do you think Israel is a more “perfect” example than:

    “Africa for the Africans,Asia for the Asians…” ?

    From a white survival viewpoint it`s just another non-white country that does`nt have genocide forced on it,and you can`t deny that it comes with a mountain of political baggage that plain old non-white countries don`t.” This was posted by Dungeoneer.

    I do not think that Israel is more perfect. I think that Israel is more fresh. When Saudi Arabia or Qatar or Japan requires immigrants to leave rarely does it get mentioned in the news. Israel recently booted some Ethiopians and it was all over the place.
    When other countries, White or non-White, exhibits trepidation about changing the population there is rarely a peep. Yet our president announced that “shifting demograghics” is a dire threat to Israeli security. This is a huge contradiction that must be pointed out.
    Also, plain old non-White countries are not painted as being intricately tied to other nations’ foreign policies Israel is. To point out that we, as Americans, must support policies in Israel that are not allowed here is more of an in-your-face example than say Papua New Guinea though it is the exact same double standard.

    ““Why is it okay for Israel to kick out Ethiopians?”

    “Harping on Jews is counterproductive. Pointing out double standards is not.”

    Putting ourselves on the wrong side of a double standard argument is counterproductive.

    Zionist israel isn’t anywhere near as popular as seen on tv. I don’t want the fate of my race tied to the fate of israel.

    Israel is the least popular country in the world, huindreds of millions of people deplore their oppression of the Palestinians. Neo-cons even complain that college campuses are “rife with anti-semitism” (really anti-zionism).

    White people tend to see israeli jews as white, and Palestinians as non-white. They see the same white oppressor, non-white victim dynamic they’ve been taught their whole lives.

    We’ve got our own alleged “sins” to deal with, we don’t need their too. Do you want to fight an energy flow or use it to our advantage?

    Bob and Horus know what they are talking about. A wise man knows when to learn from a genuine expert.” This was posted by James C.

    Zionist Israel being unpopular is not the point. Zionist Israel being allowed to control their borders as they see fit is the point.
    Now you say that Whites see Israeli jews as White which re-enforces the White oppressor/non-White victim model. I suggest to you that pointing out that Israel is never called racist by the media or lambasted on the floor of congress like S.A. was is yet another double standard that must be pointed out.
    Those that maintain that the Israelis deserve and need a homeland of their own are making our point.
    Those that maintain that the Palestinians deserve and need a homeland are making our point.

    Bob is an expert. Bob is also old. Bob is White. Bob is male. Bob is a southerner. Bob is not infallible.
    Horus is good at what he does. Horus is younger than Bob. Horus is White. Horus is male. Horus is a yankee. Horus is not infallible.

    I hope that ya’ll can decipher the way I posted this and hopefully make some sense out of what I am trying to say.



    Is that a yes,you do deny that Israel comes with a mountain of political baggage that plain old non-white countries don`t?

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    No dungeoneer I do not deny that. I merely pointed to some examples of Israel being the poster child for double standard that is all.
    Please let me be clear, I am not defending chasing jews down rabbitholes. I am merely saying that a lot of what Israel does, and what we are expected to think about Israel, illustrates our point beautifully.
    I took the message that if we talk about jews at all we were wrong, counterproductive and should be shunned.
    I think there is a time and place for everything, and pointing out any privilege or right that is afforded a group of people, but not my group of people, must have a time even if it relates to jews.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Seeker: (Hi there!) Honestly, I’m too tired to think right now and give your post the attention I should. But the whole matter fired up Beefcake (I WISH Brian would leave the threads up!) to make IMO an excellent podcast on that minimantra. Beefcake is extremely easy to listen to and to understand, and you might want to give it a listen and then see what you think:

    It’s 1/2 hour, but IMO it’s brilliantly done and should hold your attention.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    I listened to what he said and sat through the entire podcast. He says, “Never mention jews it opens the door for other things to be interjected.”
    Am I correct?
    If so that is BS. If you will recall Bob said the jews AND Hitler were what the anti-Whites wanted us to talk about most. Yet the mantra itself mentions “final solution” twice “nazi” once and “six million jews” once all of these things are inexplicably tied to you know what,,,shhh,, jews, don’t tell Bob. I have seen rabid anti-Whites jump on those three things and create five minute youtube videos harping on those points. That in itself opens the doors that Mike was warning against opening.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Seeker: I’ve posted elsewhere here:

    Bob is the only pro-White alive who could work the loaded terms “Nazi,” “genocide,” “six million Jews,” and “kill” into a single sentence that does primo work for pro-Whites instead of for anti-Whites!

    If you again come across anti-White videos that jump on the use of those phrases in the Mantra, I’d like to watch them if you’d feel like sending me a message, or posting the links here. I assume their effect is to just spread the Mantra for us, but I’d like to check by watching them.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Seeker: I agree that Israel is more and more vulnerable to criticism. Israel, or at least it’s treatment of the Palestinians, has been hated by the predominantly Jewish far left for as long as I can recall. And since 9/11, for the first time “commie” radio here in Berkeley began mentioning AIPAC. And wonder of wonders, one (Jewish) programmer on the station has even fought against the station management and had a guest on who explained that it wasn’t just a matter of AIPAC, that that organization was part of a whole web of power of media etc. that kept the country on (Israel’s) message.

    But the far left hasn’t yet ventured very often into that last understanding. Jews themselves, as Jews, remain inviolable in larger public opinion. Whites who decry Israel never ask themselves where the power of Israel comes from.*

    Correctly or incorrectly, I think (maybe?) the time has come that some progress can be made explaining that particular connection. And a few others.


    Such explanations are LONG ones, as Beefcake also pointed out in that podcast (I think that is such a great podcast…it covers so many aspects of this question!)

    We don’t do LONG explanations, which only people already interested in a topic will read anyway!

    With our shorter methods, we aim for a much broader audience!

    *I’m a little rusty on left thinking. The last time I checked, the far left sees Israel as an imperialistic outpost of the U.S. That accounts for Israel’s power in their thinking.


    A lot of the “old guard” are eager to to punch the Jew in the face, verbally, so to speak. The problem is, they aren’t hurting Jews when they do that, they are just discrediting our side. Jews LOVE it when we do this. That is why Geraldo loved to put nazis on his show. He loved for them to call Jews names. It all works to their advantage.

    Now, once a White person awakens, THEN they will naturally become interested in the parties behind their genocide. In fact, holding parties accountable for genocide is part of the long term strategy. Maybe some guys are afraid that anti-Whites (including Jews) won’t be held accountable later. That won’t be a problem and there is massive documentation for the Jewish role from people like MacDonald. But it is important to get around people’s defense mechanisms, because hey can’t process any of this until they have broken free of the brainwashing.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    @HD, I am not talking long explanations. I am talking about pointing out contradictions simply. I have rarely had to give any qualifiers when I say that if jews have a right to exist then my people have a right to exist. EASY-peezy lemon squeezy. You see, I am not criticizing Israel. I agree with Israel’s position that if the founding population of Israel changes then it would no longer be Israel.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    @Jason I understand where you are coming from but I have never advocated calling anyone names even if they are jews. I prefer to call folk what they want to be called.

    Me personally I am not interested in any reprisal. I am merely interested in my people’s continued existence.


    Seeker, I hear what you are saying as well. Personally, I love the work of MacDonald and many others on Jewish influence and how it undermined the West. But I see that it gets in the way of the Mantra at the moment we are doing Mantra work . I just think it may make sense to keep it separate. If anyone is doing work on tracking the work of anti-Whites (White, Jewish or brown) please keep it up. But I have YET to find anyone that can answer the Mantra. Their only hope is to try and push us into some other side topic like the Masons or the Jews or some other conspiratorial group, so they can bore people with long drawn out, almost unprovable assertions.

    The Mantra is easy to say and easy to prove. Have you found anyone that can really answer the Mantra as Bob has written it? I don’t think Bob is necessarily smarter than us, but he has a real talent in this area of crafting a message.

    Henry Davenport

    @Seeker: Anytime a pro-White mentions Jews, in ANY way, however innocuous, your listener from that point on has only one thing in mind: Are you an anti-semite?

    In fact, your listener has that in mind from the moment it’s plain you’re a pro-White. Once you mention Jews, it pretty much ceases to be a question for him.

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