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    @SixGun-Nice mini – Copied and pasted to my bugsbook.


    Six Gun, nice mini. Are there any sites that back up demographic trends for Sweden (or other nations)? That’s amazing.



    It is one of Horus’ comebacks:

    Anti-White: “We’re all 99% the same”

    Pro-White: “Yes, but we’re 95% the same as a chimpanzee, we’re 66% the same as a fruit fly, and we’re 40% the same as a banana…so that 1% must be more significant that you say.”


    White Children minority in California

    White Britons minority 2066

    White Americans minority 2042

    Toronto Region Canada visible minority 2031—visible-minority-will-mean-white-by-2031

    White births less than 50% in USA,0,7475788.story

    Texas will have virtually no whites by 2040

    I am asking a Swedish guy for a source of the Swedish date.

    Some people say News and Jews. Well a dash of hard data can prove our point.

    Peter Whiterabbit

    six gun, that data does not help us. It can only serve to get us off message.

    Peter Whiterabbit

    Gar5 wrote: “It is one of Horus’ comebacks:

    Anti-White: “We’re all 99% the same”

    Pro-White: “Yes, but we’re 95% the same as a chimpanzee, we’re 66% the same as a fruit fly, and we’re 40% the same as a banana…so that 1% must be more significant that you say.”

    You miss an opportunity to mention that nobody argues that every black nation and ONLY black nations are told “well, we are all 99% similar. And since we are 99% similar, we can create a blend of humanity in only black nations.” this justification is made in every white nation and ONLY in white nations. It is genocide.


    Let me float a couple of Minis for consideration and improving. I get a lot of thumbs up on them. I’ve just tried them a few times. Let me know what is WRONG with them:

    In 50 years there will be NO majority White countries on earth. Yet Africa has over 50 nations that will stay African. Asia will stay Asian. It is White countries and ONLY White countries that are being flooded with non-Whites and it is EVERY single White country.
    When the Chinese try to force assimilate Tibet, it is rightly called genocide. Genocide does not require lining people up and killing them.
    If Africa was undergoing forced assimilation and massive immigration of non-blacks to the point that every single African country would be non-black by midcentury – well we would know what was going on; we would know it was genocide.
    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


    2nd Mini for review:

    If every African country was being flooded with Whites, and they were slated to be majority non-African by midcentury, we would call it genocide. Same with Asian countries. If we were pouring tens of millions of non-Japanese into Japan, they would protest it as genocide. And yet this is exactly what is happening with all White countries. They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White


    It is truly amazing when engaging in debate with Anti-Whites, how many of them respond to our claim of genocide by saying, in effect, “you damn well deserve it!”. It’s actually shocking they can admit to enjoying the genocide of a race in public. That’s how deep their hate is. It is almost scary to see their hate vented openly, but it is good for the public to see it.


    Okay, I’m going to risk getting the muddy boot thrown at me. I want to question what I think might be too much emphasis on “assimilation” or “intermarriage” as the endgame in our genocide. Anti-Whites always parry with “no one is forcing you to do it”, and on the face of it they are right.  It’s a difficult one to argue in sound bytes. I have thought of trying this: “By your logic, why don’t we put cigarette vending machines in all our grade schools? No one is forcing the kids to buy them.” But I never felt that was good enough.

    What I am doing now is pointing out that the legal definition of genocide says nothing about “intermarriage”. Instead, it describes attempts at imposing conditions that lead to the destruction of a way of life. These would  include reducing a majority population to a minority status, loss of electoral power, bilingualism, White flight, violent crime, destroyed neighborhoods and public school systems, and all the rest of it.

    What do you think? Am I just going to end up tailgating?



    Henry Davenport

    @ kiwi: Here’s the best I’ve been able to come up with. Beefcake’s phrase from his #11 podcast, “you know very well what happens,” is the centerpiece IMO:

    You falsely claim that this genocide isn’t forced on us. Did you get to vote that white countries be flooded with non-whites? Did you get to vote that whites be forced to integrate with those non-whites? Of course not! Both were done by force, and when peoples are forced to live together you know very well what happens! Don’t pretend that whites should be something that humans have never been! Forced assimilation is recognized worldwide as genocide, as in the case of Aborigines in Australia and China’s forced assimilation imposed on Tibetans in Tibet.

    And to ensure further that whites don’t preserve ourselves, our schools, churches, government, and media all preach that opposition to intermarriage is “racist,” and no contrary message is allowed to have influence or even be heard. If a young White woman’s parents should try to talk some sense to her, their brainwashed daughter and anti-Whites like yourself will batter her with the R-Word!

    Television is especially used to press intermarriage…TV sells to White women the falsehood that black men are strong, capable, responsible, intelligent husband-material that White women desire in preference to the bumbling White men that are shown. Just think how many commercials you see that pair a blonde White woman with a black man who is helping her choose the right product…him.

    Anti-whites like yourself and the anti-white institutions that rule us strive in every way you can think of to carry out White Genocide!

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white!

    The above has to be much shortened for youtube of course. Before I heard Beefcake’s statement, I used to respond to claims of “free choice” with just the following, but I would now try to work more into it:

    Advertisers learned long ago that “choice” is highly manipulable. Whites or anyone can be sold ANYthing, and TV sells constantly the falsehood that black men are strong, capable, intelligent husband-material that White women desire. 

    I’m not happy with any of the above, except maybe Beefcake’s statement. The rest has a tailgating flavor…I guess it is tailgating…the right reply to the challenge feels just out of reach to me…I need one more year of Bob-thinking!

    The simple truth here is that when people are thrown together they make babies. Somehow the perfect answer has to be built on that fact, I think.




    Thanks HD. That’s a lot of good stuff. I’ll listen to #11 again. I’m still wondering if “intermarriage” is not the crux of it, but rather it is the destruction of a unique way of life, characterized by safe neighborhoods and all the rest. Kevin MacDonald’s What Makes Western Culture Unique is brilliant and important, but it is not very useful at street level. Have you read it? I think we need a pedestrian manifesto of what makes our way of life unique. Then we can describe just what is lost by our genocide.

    And I’d also like to hear Bob on this. I’m re-reading Why Johnny Can’t Think and it is hitting home this time, now that I am a bugster.



    Kiwi and  HD, good points.  I’ve wondered about that element too, but remember, we ARE forced to integrate, unless we live as literal hermits in the woods.   Can we open a Whites only store?  Can we build a Whites only neighborhood?  Can we have a Whites only restaurant?  Can we have Whites only festivals?

    Can we have  a Whites only school for our children? The list goes on.  Almost without excepting these things are criminal now.  So, yes, we are being forced to integrate/assimilate, unless we live totally alone in the woods.  By the way, I am sure I got this from Bob in one of his old posts.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Kiwi: I didn’t know KM had written a book of that title.

    If you like Why Johnny Can’t think, you should enjoy Bob’s fantastic audios…just click on the “Porch Talk” tab above.

    In most circumstances we actually avoid talking about what would be lost by our genocide. If you posted much in the mainstream before bugsering, you  may know how amazingly hard it is to convince a white audience even that whites invented civilization as they know it…they’ve been taught better, you see. And they have no easy way of figuring out who is telling them the truth, you or those who taught them.

    Generally we avoid territory like that that anti-whites have already occupied and planted with their own poison fruit. Entering such territory is “tailgating,” because it’s exactly where the anti-whites are happy to have us follow them whether they lead us there or not.

    We stick to the Mantra, which is about white genocide and nothing else! And it’s not called a mantra for nothing…focusing on it, absorbing it, thinking about all its parts…understanding deepens!

    White genocide is the central fact…if we don’t exist, all of our other racial concerns become moot. And also, white genocide is virgin territory…it hasn’t already been occupied by anti-whites and planted with poison fruit that has poisoned white minds, as has been done with virtually all other racial topics. And white genocide can be observed almost directly. Whites are highly aware today of the flood of non-whites into their lands, and more and more whites have families or know families that have non-whites in them now.


    Henry Davenport

    To sum up my last comment, Bob is a freakin’ genius! Lol!


    Speaking of KM’s site TOO, which I like, I have not been able to recruit a single person from there.  Most of the commenters want to either spin Conspiracy Theories or do Jew-Talk 24/7.  I do use the term Anti-White and White Genocide when posting there and that seems to help.  Curious if anyone else has had arguments that attract AMPW (anti-Matra Pro-Whties).  Maybe the best approach is not to argue with them, but just to keep Imposing Terminology on them.  They will use the term ‘genocide’, but they seem hesitant to make use of ‘Anti-White’, which I think is a crucial term to mainstream.

    Henry Davenport

    Jason, I just copied your post onto this other thread, since my response to it is more appropriate there:

    Henry Davenport

    @ Kiwi, re your original question about anti-whites saying whites can individually choose whom they marry.

    This by Horus, which is excellent because it shows the general method we use for all challenges (my bold-facing):

    “I’ve often experienced that anti whites move around the genocide accusations by talking about Whites as individuals and stuff like personal choice etc”

    Understand this one simple fact and this fact alone will answer the question. Our enemy is always …and I MEAN ALWAYS arguing a position that always puts in a world without any white people. But they talk this nonsense about White as individuals and well it is personal choice etc. Whever excuse they give is an excuse for WHITE Countries and only White countries. They are not using these excuses in African or Asia etc. You can easily move back into talking about White Genocide by pointing that out over and over again.
    No one is flooding China with non-Chinese and saying ….well it is all personal choice here so we are going to create a blended humanity in ONLY China
    No one is flooding Africa with non-Africans and saying …..well it is all personal choice here so we are going to create blended humanity in ONLY Africa
    Only White Countries are doing this, Only White Elites are supporting this… is Genocide

    Note also that the final clause in both sentences I’ve bold-faced, “…so we are going to create blended humanity in ONLY _____.” derides the anti-whites’ “personal choice” objection just in passing.


    Well this is a gross simplification.

    There is personal choice. No-one is literally forcing interracial relationships but what in reality is happening is

    1 There is mass immigration into White countries which the Whites have never agreed to and have never even been asked about.

    2 The is stigmatisation and labelling of anyone who said – I’m not having anything to do with non-Whites.

    3 There is forced integration.

    4 There is forced indoctrination in all schools.

    5 The media is flooded with idealised mix relationship scenarios.

    6 “Role models” of mixed relationships are promoted.

    7 Anyone who were to called races mixers derogatory names would be stigmatised and in Europe potentially prosecuted.

    Run this situation for decades and you will get mixing of brain washed Whites. There is no free will in the brain washed.

    This is an aspect I don’t think has been covered. You do not have free will in brain washed indoctrinated people, forced to integrate with people outside their race.


    Thanks HD, that works best for me so far.  SixGun, you make equally valid points. I still think we have to mantrify this, that is, reduce it to a talking point. This is where Bob’s genius comes in, if I might be so bold.

    I’d also like to ask about how we might best respond to anti-White assertions that Eastern Europe is all White and is not being subjected to immigration, yet. Horus has said that there are voices asking “When will Eastern Europe be ready for immigration”, but I have not seen any sources for that. Anti-Whites seem to suggest that if we want a White homeland, we should all move to Eastern Europe. Isn’t that like saying Blacks who are unhappy where they are should go back to Africa? Imagine that!

    I could use help with this one.

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