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    “Well, the problem is that many Whites have told me it also doesn’t matter if Asians or blacks don’t exist just to win their argument and prove they’re completely anti-racist.”

    Well, anyone who says this, IS a genocidal megalomaniacal criminal; to say “it doesn’t matter if a group exists” is the first step to a genocide. Tell them it doesn’t matter if they exist. Tell them you are going to take everything they own and give it to some poor family in Africa, and that they can expect that family to be moving into their house next week, and they must accept this “diversity” b/c it doesn’t matter if they exist.


    Anti-whites know very well that race exists, and what race is. The reason they deny the existence of the White race is because they are justifying White genocide. Why else would they INSIST on conditions of life they know will result in the destruction of my race?


    This is the LEGAL REQUIREMENT by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to collect and present RACIAL DATA when conducting a Clinical Trial for a new drug. One of the paragraphs gives all the scientific papers that shows RACE DOES EXIST!!


    As we all know race is also recognised by International Law in the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide 1948, Article 2


    Many serial killers dehumanize their victims as a way to convince themselves that they are not actually committing murder. Similarly, people who support white genocide dehumanize our race by claiming there is no such thing as race.

    Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white.

    in reply to: Replies to Anti-Whites Jan 2013 #35284

    “Stop parroting the Boasian egalitarian nonsense and THINK for YOURSELF. You do realise Boas had a agendas? One was to make dumb dumbs like you feel better for themselves by saying we are all the same. You fell for it LOL That’s hilarious?! Are you 12?! Race is real, race is VERY real. Meanwhile back on planet earth……………..if race isn’t real how can a geneticist tell the race of a murder victim from a scrap of bones or stand of hair left at a crime scene?
    Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, nobody wants to live where people with brown or black skin live and millions annually risk their lives to live among the people with white skin. Race is real and it matters so much that our race is on the chopping block…


    “to be a forensic pathologist, you have to do two things:
    1) deduce the race of a victim from the tiniest rotting remains, and
    2) Join all the other Recognized Experts in denying that race exists.”


    Anti-racists” say that we white people can not be proud of what our race has done because we as individuals did not do it.

    But then again the same “anti-racists” say we are supposed to be guilty as a group for racism, slavery, colonization, discrimination and so on.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.
    All of this “race is a social construct” nonsense is used only in white nations to facilitate massive non-white immigration and forced assimilation in every white nation and only in white nations. It is genocide.

    Equality has NOTHING to do with White genocide. It’s just a feeble attempt by a criminal anti-White trying to justify White genocide. Nothing more.


    if there is no such thing as race, there is no such thing as genocide. A murderer on death row will swear he is innocent of murder if there is no body. How are the two different? Both are equally delusional. Would you give up on prosecuting a murderer because he is delusional?

    in reply to: Replies to Anti-Whites Jan 2013 #35283

    We don`t need to prove the grass is green and the sky is blue.Everyone knows it`s only white countries targeted. If any white country refused non-white immigration and “assimilation” it would be branded as a “racist” pariah state by the anti-white Western regime.


    i`ve just done a debunking of True Pooka`s “debunking the mantra” video on a forum I`m active on and thought it might come in handy for someone else:

    True Pooka: “No,everybody does not say the RACE problem will be solved by mass immigration and “assimilation” just for white countries”

    He “forgets” that he and his anti-white cult members are claiming that any white person who opposes mass immigration and “assimilation” is a “racist”,therefore they are stating that the “racism problem”(i.e the RACE problem) is the problem of people opposing those policies,so the continued implementation of said policies implicitly is the proffered “solution” to the “problem”.

    He “forgets” that all the respectable “mainstream” politicians,all the respectable “mainstream” media,and all of the “mainstream” academic institutions are populated by members of his anti-white cult,hence “EVERYBODY says…”.

    True Pooka:”Give me actual quotes of 5 politicians who say we must “assimilate” with non-whites”

    He knows damn well that any white politician who said we DON`T have to “assimilate” i.e being a “racist” would instantly be branded as a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews and would be hounded out of office faster than a rabbit gets F***ed.
    According to this brand of logic,just because Comrade Stalin never said in public:”I have ordered the deaths of millions in the gulags” it never happened.
    True Pooka:”Actually there are significant differences in population densities between those countries”(Holland+Belgium/Japa­n+>Thailand<–SHOULD BE TAIWAN lolololololol)”
    Considering that Holland+Belgium/Tapa­n+Taiwan are:
    1.All relatively small countries as countries go
    2.All have relatively high population densities as countries go
    3.Only the two white countries are having mass immigration and “assimilation” forced on them in the name of so-called “anti-racism”
    We can see this is a bogus statistical strawman he has used to totally avoid the point of that part of the mantra-that even high population density does not change the fact that white countries have to accept mass immigration and “assimilation”.
    True Pooka: “You hold Japan up as a success for not imposing mass immigration” and “Because of Japan`s strict immigration policy and the fact they are ageing they are in deep trouble because they will be short of workers”
    The fool does`nt seem to realize this proves the point of the mantra.The Japanese or any other population that has no exterior pressure(such as continual mass immigration) will be able to self-regulate it`s population all by it`s own.
    The oldsters die off and there are fewer youngsters who have more land and resources to share between them(just like the black death in Europe made the survivors better off),it`s called natural demographic equilibrium.
    So the result will be white countries that have mass immigration and “assimilation” imposed on them=whites will be demographically replaced by design i.e GENOCIDE,but Japan that does NOT have mass immigration and “assimilation” =STAYS JAPANESE i.e NO GENOCIDE.
    True Pooka:”White people are choosing not to have kids because of comfort and lifestyle therefore there is no genocide”
    Even if true that whites are not having kids because they`re “so rich/can`t be bothered” and not because their wages and living standards have been constantly reduced by mass immigration,that is irrelevant because the mantra is talking about the genocidal negative population effect of the imposition of mass immigration and “assimilation”.
    True Pooka responding to the question of what would he think if what was being done to white countries was being done to black countries :”That`s a “what if” question so i don`t have to answer it”
    Yep,that`s what the joker claims,just like all the other anti-whites who refuse to answer the simple logical question that exposes their anti-white double standards.
    True Pooka:””genocide happens becasue policy is put forward that has a negative impact on a group”
    Everyone agrees that white people will be minorities in their own countries,so how can this liar claim that`s not a “policy is put forward that has a negative impact on a group” for white people?
    “When we say ‘All white countries’ we will be picked up on this and asked for evidence.

    Lord Nelson offered this as a response in that circumstance:

    “You Anti-Whites can provide all the evidence yourselfs by telling us which European countries you believe have a right to stay White? (Good Luck!)”

    in reply to: Replies to Anti-Whites Jan 2013 #35282

    My response to the ‘but what about all the non-Whites born here who blah,blah blah….’ type question. ‘im a black man, and speak perfect english, lived here all my life. so tell me what country should I be in?’Why is it up to White people to solve your problems,are you a believer in ‘White Supremacy’ ?It’s a ‘White Supremist’ position to expect White people to solve the problems of Black people,it is patronising and assumes Blacks have no capacity to solve their own problemsI merely expose arguements that lead to Genocide of White people
    Anti-racism is a codeword for Anti-White
    All nations are created by immigration.
    All nations are destroyed by immigration. You are justifying genocide
    “When Whites move to non-White countries en masse ‘anti-racists’ call it colonialism.

    When non-Whites move to White countries en masse ‘anti-racists’ call it progress/diversity/multiculturalism/etc.

    ‘Anti-racists’ demand immigration and assimilation in ALL & ONLY White countries.

    These ‘anti-racists’ are in fact demanding White genocide.

    But of course we all know that, and we all know anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.”

    in reply to: Replies to Anti-Whites Jan 2013 #35281

    Nobody is saying that Asians in Asia will ever be a minority.

    Because they won’t

    So why are people saying White Britons will be a minority in Britain in 2066?
    And saying White Swedes will be a minority in Sweden in 2025?
    That’s because there’s massive non-White immigration in all White countries and only White countries.

    That’s because there’s a programme of White genocide.

    They say it’s anti-racist but it’s simply anti-White.
    Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White


    In 50 years there will be NO majority White countries on earth. Yet Africa has over 50 nations that will stay African. Asia will stay Asian. It is White countries and ONLY White countries that are being flooded with non-Whites and it is EVERY single White country.
    When the Chinese try to force assimilate Tibet, it is rightly called genocide. Genocide does not require lining people up and killing them.
    If Africa was undergoing forced assimilation and massive immigration of non-blacks to the point that every single African country would be non-black by midcentury – well we would know what was going on; we would know it was genocide.
    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


    Only in WHITE countries do we hear SCREAMS for Diversity until white children are an historical novelty.
    Only in WHITE countries do TENS OF MILLIONS of third world immigrants descend upon our borders.

    In EVERY white country and ONLY in white countries are we expected to intermarry with those immigrants and are we guaranteed to suffer personal and communal socioeconomic disaster lest we protest this genocide.

    They say they are anti-racist while they worship at the altar of white genocide. They keep proving that what they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

    in reply to: Replies to Anti-Whites Jan 2013 #35280

    ·         Nobody is flooding Africa with MILLIONS of non-Africans and DEMANDING “Name me ONE prominent person pushing this geNOcide, otherwise it’s NOT happening.”

    Nobody is flooding China with MILLIONS of non-Chinese and DEMANDING “Name me ONE prominent person pushing this geNOcide, otherwise it’s NOT happening.”
    Nobody is flooding Mexico with MILLIONS of non-Mestizos and DEMANDING “Name me ONE prominent person pushing this geNOcide, otherwise it’s NOT happening.”
    They only say this when it comes to every White country. ONLY White children are left struggling over what to do about this Morality and DIEversity. Those who DEMAND massive third world immigration and assimilation for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.
    Anti-racism is a code-word for anti-white.

    The genetic evidence is the majority of the genetics of White Britons came into the islands between 15 000 and 7500 years ago with a big top up 6500 years ago. Any of the others Romans, Vikings, Angles, Saxons, Jutes blah blah have been trivial.

    So most of the average White Briton’s genes have been knocking around the British Isles for a minimum of 7500 years.

    Oxford University research data has shown by 2066 the White Britons will be a minority. In 1966 White Britons were 99% of the population. In 2066 they will be 49% (or less) unless something is done to stop this.
    This is proper researched data from experts.

    In 100 years half the Whites in UK will have disappeared due to the policies of their traitorous governments.
    The process will not stop at 49%.

    What would you tell the White children of Briton in 2066? Write them a message now. There is no White genocide. You are imagining the actions of your past leaders and elites caused you to be a minority in your own country. That your birth right that your ancestors fought and died for has been given away. You are imagining it all. Let’s hear it. White children of the future will need your comforting words.

    This is happening in all White countries and only White countries. This is genocide.

    9 out of 10 do not reply and my comment sits there for everyone else to see. I have told people this and they get angry. Anger is a good emotion it overcomes fear.
    The best I have had is “it is only an estimate.”

    They estimated the minority date for Whites in Briton in 2000. They said it would be 2100. I realise it is only an estimate, I realise it is more likely than not going to be before 2066.
    ·         Nobody is saying that Africans in Africa will ever be a minority.

    in reply to: Replies to Anti-Whites Jan 2013 #35279

    I have a response that works well in response to “there are no mass killings of Whites” AND “well, it still has to be deliberate; immigration is just natural”

    The political decision to open the floodgates to non-White immigration (w/ out a popular vote) WAS deliberate. The political decision to force integrate White neighborhoods was deliberate. The political decision to put out PSAs that encourage interracial coupling was deliberate.

    Don’t kid yourself. It doesn’t have to be immediate killing to be genocide under the law. It only need be INTENT that there be fewer Whites coupled with an ACT

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


    Genocide is genocide,whether accomplished by bullets,mustard gas,or mass immigration and social engineering.”


    “That sounds an awful lot like what rabid anti-Whites LOVE to say about my people and our children. That sounds an awful lot like White genocide denial. YOU are not denying this genocide is taking place, are you? You’re not a White genocide denier, are you? Do White children get to exist in your World? Do White countries reserve the same right to maintain ethnic autonomy that African, Asian, or Mestizo countries do? The people who reserve these rights for EVERYONE but White children and EVERY country except White countries INSIST they are anti-racist. What they really are is anti-White.

    Even a blind 5 year old child can see that anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”


    White Minority USA
    White Minority Canada
    White Minority UK
    White Minority Germany
    White Minority France
    White Minority Australia
    White Minority New Zealand
    etc for all White countries.
    For White countries that are not yet multicultural, tell them to Google immigration requests from the UN.

    Then tell them to Google Black/Asian minority for their countries.

    If you go down the stats road, you are giving the anti-Whites a chance to debate the validity of the stats. What they cannot argue with is the fact, they Demand all White countries turn Brown. If they deny it, ask them, “Which White countries, are allowed to remain White?”

    in reply to: European Network Against Racism #33556

    John, thanks, that will be something I am REALLY!!! going to look forward to. It wont be till early next year when I get my own PC tho as I am using a public computor at the moment. If whoever is going to do the debate needs some practise tho I could give them my phone number. However, paltalk sounds a superior option. This ENAR subject is exciting. Even if our guy loses, I dont care, this is somewhere we need to head.

    in reply to: European Network Against Racism #33543

    elcycesrever, if it is of any use to you, maybe I or someone else could give you debate practice. I could play the anti-White interviewer

    in reply to: European Network Against Racism #33516

    Great news, but I feel sorely in need of practice arguing with someone live, I suspect most of us do.  The West has been anti-White for so long that anti-White sentiments come readily to everyone and they are hard to argue against.

    in reply to: Anyone checked out the Anti-White forums? #15553

    YEAH WOW! That guy is great

    in reply to: Also calling Anti-Whites 'Genocidists'? #14094

    Thanks HD! Well explained. If people question the statement ‘everybody says that’, the come back could be ‘everybody who is Anti-White does. I also think Anti-White cant be improved on for now, but genocidists might be OK to throw in now and again, but I dont see myself using it. I think the work you guys are doing is a very important part of our chance of survival.

    in reply to: Also calling Anti-Whites 'Genocidists'? #14089

    Also I have a question about the mantra. The part that says bringing non Whites into only White countries. What about Tibet? They were swamped by the Chinese to finish them off.

    in reply to: Also calling Anti-Whites 'Genocidists'? #14088

    I had a good response with ‘Why do you hate us so much, we want a future for White children in OUR countries’

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