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Pain and the Molestation Generation

Posted by Bob on February 16th, 2007 under Comment Responses, History


“Their sergeant taught them you can’t fight City Hall. So a real, tough experienced man shows his manhood by giving up.”

Because I am younger, I haven’t run into too many of the Sell It All generation. My grandfather didn’t go because he had a family and was a preacher. The few I’ve run into didn’t like to talk about their experiences. Generally they said yes they were in combat, no they didn’t want to talk about it. If asked if they were decorated, they said yes, but anyone could get a decoration.

I always found it frustrating that the ones I ran into weren’t like the stories I saw on TV.

Until a few days ago. Whooee. I had missed nothing all the years. I spoke to a man’s grandson who told me some of his stories, but I had already heard them before. On TV. In fact the stories sounded exactly like a TV show, down to the exact words used and the PC script about the poor segregated black folk and the Jews they rescued from the disaster shelters. My historian’s sniff meter read: “This man was a cook far back behind the lines.”

Why is it the ones with the real stories of bravery are trying to forget?

Comment by Pain


I will rephrase Pain’s last question:

“What is it that the ones with the real stories of bravery are trying to forget?

Once again, let me remind you of the combat veterans I have talked about here repeatedly, officers who let a fellow officer go to PRISON rather than speak out against their abusing colonel.

Someone said that by MENTIONING the boy rapes by Catholic priests, and the even guiltier bishops who abetted them and helped them do it again, I was being evil. Sorry, but if this is evil, then count me in. There is a HUGE lesson here, because it does not just relate to sickness inside the Catholic Church, but inside of every bureaucracy. And it demonstrates that just because a bureaucracy is running around in costumes, uniforms or backward collars, does not mean that its sickness will be exposed.

British boys’ schools have been homosexual breeding grounds for centuries and everyone knows it. A military force that is given an absolute cart blanche like the World War II one would NEVER expose even the grossest of sex abuse. I remember one little boy talking abut his being raped by a priest when the other priest came in. The other priest, who did not molest boys, didn’t even say a word. He wanted to keep his costume and his job.

When I was in alcohol recovery, a number of the guys there had been molested as boys. They ALL felt guilty abut it, as if it was their fault. They had never before talked about their shame, and THEY had nothing to feel guilty about.

WWII vets may well feel guilty about not exposing what everybody knew was going on. Remember, don’t-ask-don’-tell is always thought of as applying to soldiers of the same rank, an entry-level requirement. The Masturbation Generation probably DID.

We are dealing with a group whose men of established physical bravery let their buddy go to prison rather than speak up. In the conditions of WWII a soldier would NEVER have accused a superior officer of abusing another young man, certainly not himself, and that complaint would never have gotten outside his chain of command.

Field Marshall Montgomery was certainly a raging homosexual. Eisenhower despised him for it. Who in the British Army would have denounced him for ANY action in his bedroom?

In other wars, there was a smaller number of soldiers and the lack of total war would have given them a better chance to complain. It was noted at the time that WWII vets never talked about their experiences, whereas Korean War vets talked abut it all the time.

It seems very likely to me that a Catholic Church type situation was in the World War II armed forces. The same generation that kept the Catholic one under wraps kept that one under wraps.

Yes, sir! A Band of Heroes!

  1. #1 by mderpelding on 02/16/2007 - 9:56 pm



    How can anybody with even half a brain think that homosexuality or pedophilia or any other perversion is in any way extraordinary? All tribal/familial/racial groups have to deal with members who are considered “deviate” within their respective groupings. But at all times the definition of who or what a deviate is and also the action to be taken was kept within the group. All laws and the application of justice grew out of how to balance the extent of a members deviance against his contribution to group survival.
    All the rights movements in this country seek to create false divisions. To destroy familial/tribal homogenity.
    Why do you think Irish Catholics in Ireland would look the other way to the predations of a pedophilic priest? Maybe because, even though Father Seamus liked his young boys, he HATED the English.
    Who cares what Monty liked in his bedroom? He killed his peoples enemies.
    All races and peoples have deviates.
    You can either seperate people by morality, or blood. You can’t have both.
    Take the moral clarity test…you get to be God.
    Imagine a war where all people are destroyed. But lo and behold, there are a few survivors.
    There is one woman, a rather pretty redhead, and two potential mates. As it just so happens, the only surviving males were at the Grammy awards. You, as God, get to choose which male will mate with the redhead female. One man is named “Snoop Doggy Dog” and the other man is “Elton John”.
    Make your choice.
    Morality is a luxury that can only be afforded in a racilly homogenous society.
    In a multiculture, if we are to survive, we must adopt a new moral paradigm.

  2. #2 by Pain on 02/16/2007 - 11:08 pm


    Bob has AA-related counseling experience which I think he is calling on here.

    Here is an article I Googled up that provides further prove for anyone that needs it. It isn’t pretty, especially the inditement of the WWII generation.

  3. #3 by Pain on 02/16/2007 - 11:17 pm


    By the way, Bob thanks for the hard answers to my hard questions. You are the only one up to it.

  4. #4 by Peter on 02/17/2007 - 6:26 am


    Re: Sexual abuse.

    The Boston School Department runs them around.
    Union rules make it near impossible to fire them.
    Another really bad profession is probation officers. Who is attracted to dealing with troubled youths?
    All institutions close ranks. Period.
    When I was young it was common for families to encourage a homosexual son to be become a priest. The Catholic Church is not as bad as Bob makes out if you compare it to similar institutions. Sad commentary on human frailty.
    Further, on occasion when bishps did report matter neither the police or the DAs wanted to touch it. Bad publicity. In Mormon country the same holds true fo bigamy. Politicians not care give a tinker’s dam about children if they are worried about being seen as anti this or that religion that has a strong presence in the community. Covering this sort of thing up is a community standard.
    Remember, too, sex is the most confused area of life to litigate. People lie. People do not understand what they do. How many women only discover that they have been raped after the rabbit dies and the guy says no to a wedding? People can be very vicious about sex. It is often a tool for extortion. Evicencewise it is the least trustworthy area of legal practice.
    The public perception of the Catholic church is aggravated by a number of factors. One, the anti-Catholic bias of the media, centered on its strong stance against abortion. Two, its corporate structure makes a distant pot of gold available. Most churches are owned by the members. If you sue the church you sue your neighbors and friends. This is a powerful restraint protecting most Protestant congregations and synagogues. Three, the pastoral nature of the bishops’ responses has encouraged massive amounts of fraud. Facts have not been contested. Prosecutors have gotten the courts to bend the rules. Statutes of Limitations have been ignored. Example, in Cambridge a priest was given a long prison term, way out of line with normal practice. The judge, likely a lesbian, in rendering the sentence, gave as a reason, allegations made against the man that had never been litigated. Punishment for no guilt having been shown. The only act in the case consisted of squeezing the boy’s buttock in a swimming pool. No sexual act was charged. The judge should have been removed. The priest was murdered in prison.
    In short, in Massachusetts at least, there has been a lot of fraud and witch hunting. Along tradition, that. The press here protected the adults suing so that their neighbors did not know. The lawyers involved were/are of the lowest sort of ham and eggers.
    You may disagree, of course, but I know a lynch mob when I see one.


  5. #5 by Peter on 02/17/2007 - 6:28 am


    Sorry. Forgot to sign the above comment
    Back Bay Grouch


  6. #6 by Alan on 02/17/2007 - 8:08 am



    The wolves in sheep’s clothing here is a fine way to describe how these bureaucracys can harbor cowards, sexual sickos and vile like the political correct amoral types. Child molesters prey on kids so a child molester will look for positions of authority where they have children at their disposal. They may also hire others who are as amoral as they are or those who come across as weak willed those who can be controlled. The professor priest hood tenures like minded cutrial degenerates, their victims are weak minded and intimidated young adults, PC rapes the minds and souls of their victims. Last, the not so great generation layed waste to modern Europe and left half of it in the hands of the barbaric and murderous Soviet Union, wasen’t that worth the cost. It was the good war, they were the greatest, saints you know. The braggards are the bottom of the bucket rift raft, those who refuse to talk are still following orders like they did from the vary start, still affraid to tell it like it is. No wonder our race is in such dire shape, this mindset has been beaten into so many generations it was robbed our people of the ability to say no to damn near anything.

  7. #7 by Simmons on 02/17/2007 - 11:50 am


    I cannot say that I’m totally on board your theory of the services as queer fraternity. But in James Jones book “Thin Red Line” it basically ends up with a homosexual encounter, and Jones did serve with the 25th Infantry on Guadacanal where the book is based. Eisenhower must have been hated by the poofie Montgomery because I’m sure Ike shoved the fact that his driver a woman colonel was also his mistress. Marshall almost relieved Ike for his indescretions, but I’ve never seen anything about Montgomery’s. Then again the president is most likely a closeted fag, his wife lives in Texas and the staff at the whitehouse lets in gay prostitutes with little scrutiny.

  8. #8 by Peter on 02/18/2007 - 10:06 pm


    As to Montgomery, I simply note that the professional military historian I studied with believe his military skill is pretty much second to none, whereas Eisenhower – who was tagged “Swedish Jew” in his West Point yearbook – made the fastest promotions he had ever seen, from colonel to four star in virtually no time. Eisenhower, of course, was the consummate political general.

    The deeper issue Bob addresses is how easily the so-called “Greatest Generation” simply ignored their responsibilities to their Posterity, or even each other, so thoroughly gelded were they by The System. “Go along to get along” was rationalized as heroic service; the alternative was ruthlessly punished.

    I’ve worked with guys who were The Real Thing – LRRP, with the DD-214 to prove it. On the topic of their military service, they are dead quiet, and have to be pried into making the most casual of statements. I’ve worked with guys who talked about their skill as “snipers,” and I’ve talked with more than my share of “one man armies.”

    The key to shutting them up is to say, “Damn, Bro, that’s impressive. I’d sure like to see your DD-214. Man, you must have been to some real hard-ass training! Panama, stuff like that?”

    Silence, and then, “I’ve got it back at my storage locker at (name of distant state).”

    Homosexuality, among “consenting adults,” is beastiality, pure and simple; sexual immaturity to the Nth degree.

    So, too, is the remarkable cowardice of the so-called “Greatest Generation.”

    I now see all of the stories as COMPENSATION for their lack of substance since.

    I see them watching the bright, pretty lights of Fox News, mindlessly thinking of The Good Old Days.

    I suspect they do this to quiet the Small, Still Voice that shows them the America we have become, and tells them, “This is what you have left your grandchildren. How do you explain yourself? This is what you have done to what your RACE developed over thousands of years of DAMN HARD WORK, and for WHAT? So YOU can sit in a damn recliner, watch the Hitler Channel (formerly known as the History Channel), and dream of Glory that never was. The closest you come to dealing with these issues is to have the best of grand intentions, instead of doing the smallest good deed, today, for your grandchildren, and your RACE.”

    When I was a Younger Man, I believed mightily in the One Man Army/One Man Makes A Difference school of thought, that was pounded into me by the JEW-controlled Propasphere. WE were taught the Glory of acting Alone, while the Institutions insured that we would become One with The Many, and The Many come first.

    We have become mortals serving immortal institutions, and we are allowed trivial sexual relationships, pretty moving colors on the tv, and tranquilizers, to keep us distracted wile America, as we knew it (and as our great-grandparents imagined it), is stolen from us in broad daylight by the RACIAL hirelings (the Mexicans, the Coloreds), of the demons who walk the Earth known as JEWS. (Q: what are JEWS? A: JEWS ARE DEMONS)

    The goddamn JEWS have one tremendous advantage over us; they are literally Nodes through which the Cultural Process of JUDAISM operates, a totally RACIAL focus that acts ruthlessly, relentlessly, to destroy the Cultures in which it is allowed to operate.

    The self-proclaimed “Greatest Generation” became herded, and gelded, as all animals become. They then proclaimed their gelding, and their transformation into race traitors, as PROOF of their moral superiority, as Institutional Christianity mandates. “See! That’s MY daughter being escorted to school at bayonet point by our boys in the Good Old 101st!”

    The Slaughter is taking place in Real Time, and they don’t see it. Hell, they DARE not see it!

    Their Posterity, raised as second-class Citizens in a second-class Country, will see it, and will speak of it, in Spanglish. After all, they will only need a vocabulary of about one hundred words, with a technical vocabulary of, say, another two-hundred and fifty words.

    It is difficult to contain my anger, as I realize the tremendously hard path we, and our Posterity, face, in trying to begin to turn things around for them. Less than forty years ago, we sent Men to the Moon, and brought them back; this, as the First Step to The Stars.

    And now…

    Fortunately, I accept the anger, and work with it, to do SOMETHING constructive, for the RACE.

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