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    J Locke

    Point taken, and thanks for correcting me.


    J M C

    Strategery question (a little ‘W’ lingo here,) regarding the anti-white argument: “people choose who to marry and have babies with”

    Here’s a response rattling around in my head as a possible answer along the lines of ‘it’s called treason, dummy’ response to the ‘how can I be anti-White, I AM white?’ objection.

    Any thoughts from experienced BUGsters on the value of this: “it’s called social engineering and conditioning, dummy. In case you have not been paying attention it happens to be a multi-billion dollar industry. People don’t pay that kind of money for something that doesn’t work. Anti-whites push racial blending away of White children in ALL White countries and ONLY White countries by glamorizing interracial relationships. It’s Genocide according to the law.



    J M C

    I should have said “glamorizing and promoting interracial relationships…”



    We take them too serious and give them too much respect when they use the word love.  This is what I would like to say but would probably delete or re-word to try to be expressive and clear:


    So love justifies White genocide? So because there are mulatto by-products of LOVE, whites should just abdicate their right to exist?


    “Oh, Love? Is it love or just f*cking?  Does f*cking, the right to f*ck, justify White genocide? HOW ABOUT THE RIGHT TO LIVE AS A WHITE PERSON?


    Have you clinically examined these couples to see if it was love or f*cking you want to defend at the expense of the genocide of the White race? I DOUBT IT.


    Or, are you using a White value and concept, LOVE, to justify anti-white value, F*CKING?

    I think you are just trying to justify White genocide.”



    “White genocide” drives the anti-whites crazy. and I think that is good.  It hits them like smelling salts and I think that is good.


    J M C

    Thanks STC, I actually have a variation on your ‘f’ word response, I’m not terribly comfortable using or alluding to that word at this time but will keep the basic gist of your response in my arsenal. I’ve actually heard Bob address this  in one of his WOL audio tapes and came up with this “it is infantile (I think he said immature) to base your relationships entirely on some imagined condition of ‘love.’ Grown ups (Bob’s word, I like that one) will take into account the effect of their decisions on their families and on their future children and the world at large.”

    But as an alternate response, I’d still like a critique of ‘it’s called social engineering, dummy.’

    Any others? Yea or nay??



    LOVE and FREE TO CHOOSE are such simple sound bites. Whereas we are trying to overcome so many falsehoods weaved into such simple terms.

    When I try to teach and unravel, the words over flow and I’ve tailgated.


    Undercover Lover

    I say

    “stalin committed genocide in the name of “the people,” I suppose commiting genocide in the name of “love” is the next step after that”



    Anti-white, you don’t care about my “freedom to choose” with whom I live, work, study, worship, and socialize.  You don’t care about “freedom to  choose”.  You’re just bringing that up to justify genocide because you think the world will be a better place whenever there’s no more racism because “everybody’s brown.”

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


    J Locke

    For Genocide-deniers, the first 13 videos on this playlist are evidence of White Genocide happening throughout Europe. More to come.

    Useful for one-on-one debates.


    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    To counter the old “love” line anti-Whites give us i came up with this ‘short sword’:

    “So called LOVE in a black/White relationship is really just LUST for White GENOCIDE”

    I think it works quite well. I haven’t had anyone try to counter it so far.

    The other angle you can take is to say something like:

    “Who’s taking about so called love between two people here? We are talking about WORLDWIDE TRENDS that will bring about WHITE GENOCIDE. Why are you trying to get us to focus on a red herring here anti-White? Is it because you promote a future without any White children?”

    Either way both are ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!

    I am trying to work more with ‘short sword’ responses now. Makes for a better message i think.




    J Locke I’ve tried contacting Pivot and i never saw a reply,  contact him and see if he will be available on the 19th of february


    Daniel Genseric

    Anti-whites say we have a right to remain silent on white genocide. That is our freedom…

    saifMSK 45 minutes ago

    wait how exactly is it genocide if a white person chooses to be with a non-white? to prevent it would be to oppress white people and taking away their freedom. Is that an appropriate price for an innocent white person to pay for the- so called “continuity” of his/her race? having their emotional freedom taken away?

    Daniel Genseric 1 second ago

    You use this word “freedom” as if it has any bearing on our right to choose a future which includes white children. If white countries are so FREE, then why aren’t we allowed to live and work together? You are free to maintain ethnic homogeneity if you’re non-white. You’re free to introduce ethnic heterogeneity as long as the target population is WHITE. TENS OF MILLIONS of non-whites immigrate and assimilate in EVERY white country & ONLY White countries. Per UN Resolution 260 that’s genocide.


    Daniel Genseric

    More from the Eurocide 24/7 video:

    vulaan Y 3 days ago

    let me guess what your response is “why do you hate whites”????? how close was i. Come on guys you are clearly intelligent….so use it!

    Reply ·  in reply to Daniel Genseric (Show the comment)

    Daniel Genseric 1 second ago

    Why does your reply to MY charge of genocide against whites always include you changing the topic? Why won’t you answer my questions? Why is genocide crystal clear when the victims are non-white, but it’s so hard to see when the victims are white children? How is it freedom when we aren’t allowed to live and work together the way non-whites do? Why is genocide a crime until it happens to whites?
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white


    Daniel Genseric

    Just so you know, ^that was on the Eurocide video.


    J M C

    I’ve been seeing THIS objection lately: “It’s 2013, blah, blah, blah, racism, blah, blah, we’re past this, blah, blah,” And, well, YOU know how they like to go on and on…(yawn.)

    MY only response to this is, “yes and don’t you think it’s about time we all stop pretending that ‘diversity is our strength?’/that ‘multi-culturalism’ is a success/(insert your own example, etc.) and move on to something that’s actually grounded in the FACTS in order to build a stable, peaceful world?”

    Comments, critiques, etc. are welcome. Thank you EVERYONE here for all you do!


    J M C

    Can someone please posts links to Bob’s recollections of how in the 60’s during the integration debate, our side WON all of the debates but lost the war? That is a cautionary tale that I for one need some refreshing on along with the moral of the story. Thank you.




    “. . . Forced assimilation is recognized worldwide as genocide, as in the case of Aborigines in Australia and China’s forced assimilation imposed on Tibetans in Tibet.

    And to ensure further that whites don’t preserve ourselves, our schools, churches, government, and media all preach that opposition to INTERMARRIGE is “racist,” and no contrary message is allowed to have influence or even be heard. If a young White woman’s parents should try to talk some sense to her, their brainwashed daughter and anti-Whites like yourself will batter her with the R-Word!




    School busing
    Open enrollment
    White privilege
    White flight
    Affirmative action
    Equal opportunity employment
    Diversity and Tolerance workshops

    Section 8 Housing
    Head Start
    Title 1
    Sub-prime mortgages


    Daniel Genseric

    In reply to “Assimilation (i.e. intermarriage) is not FORCED. White genocide is elective” and to the “SHOW ME THE MONEY” crowd:

    Anti-whites push white genocide by using school busing, open enrollment, White privilege, White flight, affirmative action, Equal opportunity employment,  Diversity and Tolerance workshops, Section 8 Housing, Head Start, Title 1, Sub-prime mortgages, making home affordable, terrorizing states and sheriffs who enforce current immigration laws, brainwashing our children in school and television, etc…

    Wake up. We never voted on these programs that lead to the genocide of whites in EVERY white country.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

Viewing 20 posts - 821 through 840 (of 911 total)

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