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Nice? Us?

I put “Incident in an Elevator” into Stormfront.

But it occurred to me that my heavy-handed hitting on Derek’s term “cumbersome” would strike them as bullying. I didn’t name Derek, but they might think, “Bob is really being hard on this sensitive soul.”

So I explained the relationship between me and Bob’s Blog commenters.

I think you’ll enjoy it:

“This is from Bob’s Blog.”

“Bob’s Blog commenters are my close-in group. Other people I’m nice to. If I were ever nice to my Blog commenters, they would worry about the state of my health.”

“So one of them said Bob’s Mantra was ‘cumbersome.'”

“He has a different way of using it, which is great.”

“But I still gave him no mercy on that word ‘cumbersome,’ and he expected none.”

“If you are easily offended, Bob’s Blog is no place for you.”



Soldiers BITCH

I wrote this for Stormfront:

There is a lot of insulting going on in the pic thread.

So Ole Bob went in as a peacemaker, right?


Here is what I said:

“One might expect Ole Bob to get in here and try to stop the insulting.”

“But if you’ve ever been in a real fighting force, you will find that all the soldiers bitch and insult each other. Worst of all, they give the ones who think of themselves as ‘leaders’ — like me — a constant stream of criticism and worse.”

“The enemy spies tell their superiors about all this, and how our side is divided. Then they run into us head-to-head and get a really AWFUL surprise.”

“We bitch, we moan, we insult, and when the time comes, we fight.”

“Like everything else I say, this seems obvious:

“Real fighters are not docile people.”

“We bitch, we insult each other, we moan.”

“And when the battle begins, God have mercy on our enemies, because we sure as hell won’t.”