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How Russian Was Invented

Budarick indicates he speaks Russian and German.

German I can handle, but the rest of you are too young to remember how Russian was invented.

A thousand years ago some people got together to begin inventing the languages that would someday be Russian and Ukrainian. I kept up with it in the newspapers.

Their final press release said this:

“In the future there will be a group of smartasses called Americans who will need bringing down a peg.”

“We are therefore going to put together a language that every American will look like an idiot trying to learn.”

“It is going to be one solid mass of grammatical exceptions, tricky usages, and just plain dirty tricks on the poor bastard trying to learn it.”

“So we will use the term ‘Russki’ but when they use it as the name of the language it will have to be PA-Russki, which could have no possible explanation except that we invented the whole language out of spite.”

“But that will just be the FIRST nervous breakdown.”

“When the smartass American staggers out of the rest home, we’ll say, ‘Look, maybe you can’t learn the whole language, but you can look smart if you just know how to pronounce our alphabet.'”

“You think Americans won’t fall for that, right out of the rest home?”

“My crystal ball tells me those Americans will fall for ANYTHING.”

“So the poor dumb American will look at our alphabet and say, ‘Well, this is more like it. Over of the letters here are the same as in English.'”

“Which will be true. But every single letter that looks like an English letter wil be pronounced DIFFERENTLY from the way they have been pronouncing it all their lives.”

“When you have to change your brain patterns like that, it would be easier to learn written Chinese.”

“But then again, Chinese wasn’t invented specifically to cause heart failure.”

No, Budarick, I’m too smart to try to learn Russian.

Two nervous breakdowns were enough.




PeterGene writes says his use of “Sorry” was unfortunate.

Actually, PeterGene, I am trying to break EVERYBODY here from being apologetic asbout doing their own thinking. This is routine and I have said this many times to others.

I can’t tell that English is not your native tongue by your writings. The ONLY mistake you make is using “i” instead of “I.” I have no idea whey we capitalize that pronoun and no other.

Budarick also shows that much of what I have to say about Wordism and bureaucracy is well known by wise men:

“My teacher, when I was a young man told us an interesting story.”

“I will paraphrase it here because I think the story describes beautifully what is wrong with religion.”

“He said: ‘One day God and Satan were going for a stroll together looking for converts.
They followed a man they thought was ripe for the picking. Suddenly the man stopped walking and looked down. He saw something and picked it up. They could see a radiant glow of bliss come over his eyes and face. Satan asked God ‘What did that man find which has changed him so?’ God replied: ‘It is a bad day for you old fellow, that man found a piece of truth!’ Satan replied smiling: ‘Oh no old chap, all I have to do is wait and let him organize it!'”



Thanks, Tim!

I keep saying that when I get boring or whatever, you need to TELL me.

Tim writes,l

Everyone on this website is into religion. I am not. Nor is my generation (and thank Gawd!). Why? Because of this blog I have realized that the Aryan mind must be the center of any religion for that religion to flourish for Whites. Christianity no longer centers itself around the Aryan mind —hence it is dying in the West. An Aryan IS the Religion. From Hinduism to the Zoroastrians nothing is more obvious. We are the Religion. Everything else is Wordism. Jewish books are for the Jews —-let it go Aryan—–let it go. The churches are tombstones. Christianity worked best when it centered itself on the Aryan Blue eyed Jesus. Now it is dead outside of the White part of the Bible belt. Christianity no longer centers itself with the Aryan mind —so it resigns itself to the third world—-and good riddance.
All over the West young men and women are being attacked. They are not being attacked for being French or German or British. They are being attacked for being WHITE. I know what they are mentally going through. I have been there. The Aryan will not need any traditional religion after this. Our Race has always been our Religion. It is just going to be more blatant in the future. I say —let it come. Right now the Aryan is searching. Every White man and women alive right now is searching. The solution stares back at him in the mirror. It is such a relief to have this figured out. Forget the old folks Mr Whitaker —-your eternal life is with the youth.

Comment by Tim — 3/20/2006


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