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Selling Out is an Art Form

One of the most most virulently anti-Semitic — in the ADL senase of the word, statements ever delivered in the Unitedf States Senate was the lasst speech given by outgoing Senator Ernest Hollings.

He flatly stated what everybody on Capitol Hill knows about the total control the Israeli lobby has over American foreign policy.

The reason Hollings did this was bewcause he was an UNSUCCESSFUL Southern sellout.

For three and a half decades Hollings had been the JUNIOR Senator from South Carolina. He only got two years to be SENIOR Senator after Strom went home at age 100.

Hollings would have given anything to have one more full six-year term as SENIOR Senator. But he didn’t run because he couldn’t have been reelected.

For decades “Fritz” Hollings had tried to get the vice presidential nomination on the Democratic ticket. He became more and more fanatically liberal to do it. He led the demand that Bob Jones University lose its eelemosinary status because it banned interracial dating, and he bragged about it.

Even against the amateur Republicans Party of South Carolina he barely kept his Senate seat in the previous election. The votrers were just waiting to kick him out, so he decided not even to seek the nomination. He lost those glorious six years as SENIOR Senator, and maybe twelve.

As to that precious vice presidential nod he had sold out for, the Democrats never even gave him a nibble.

The exact same thing happened to David Beasley on the Republican side. He heard from his advisors that he could get the vice presidential nod in 2000, but he first had to get reelected governor in 1998. He HAD to have the Confederate flag supporters to win the narrow victory he won in 1998, and until Novbembet of 1998 he declared there would be no compromise on that issue during a Beasley Administration.

But his advisors told him he had to get rid of that Confederate flag thing right after the 1998 election and as long as possible BEFORE the 2000 national convention if he wanted that precious vice presidential nomination.

So in November of 1998 Beasley won reelection as governor with the Confederate flag vote.

Then in December of 1998, just before the Baptist Convention Beasley announced that he had spent the entire night on his knees and the Lord Jehovah had told him to do exactly what he needed to do politically — though he failed to mention that aspect of it. God Personally told him to oppose the Confederate flag.

One month after the election.

Beasley discovered that not only could he not get a nibble at the vice presidency, his political career in South Carolina is totally gone. He might have succeeded Strom in 2002. But he is dead, dead, dead.

As dead as Fritz.


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Replies on American Renaissance

Derek said he was stumped, too, which makes me feel better.

Here were the other Bob’s Blogger replies:

kanefromsf :

I guess the answer seems pretty simple to me. It’s a publication which talks about racial issues effecting white people and while allowing anti-zionism to some extent, does not exclude Jews from attending its conference or speaking there and does not claim that someone cannot be an x-jew.


“So I ask my readers: What IS AR?”
Reminds me of a time I saw Frank Sinatra on TV. He was singing Cole Porter’s tune “What Is This Thing Called Love?”
Dean Martin, standing next to him, said “Man, if YOU don’t know, we’re all in trouble!”

Antonio Fini :

According to ADL Bob, Amren is an intellectualized pseudoscientific White supremecy group that avoids anit-semitism.

I was releived to find Amren is not a hate group like National Vanguard, Stormfront, National Alliance, etc.

Now I’m sorry I didn’t go to the conference.


My problem was that I asked at least twenty people at the AR convention “What IS American Renaissance?” and I couldn’t get a straight answer.

You KNOW how I am about straight answers.

I called Kelso and he told me AR had a Mission Statement, and a good one. But no one at the convention seemed to know about it.

Kelso told me that the Mission Statement by Jared Taylor says that AR is dedicated to answering the question, “Can’t we all get along?” and answers it with “No.”

That’s my kind of language.

Thay are not that interested in Jews, which suits me.

On the one hand, Stormfront is obsessed with Jews and the latest news. On the other hand, I am worried about AR’s attitude only in that even pro-white Jews have a separate loyalty from white survival, which is my ONLY interest.

I have a similar problem with the Council of Conservative Citizens. What I SAW at their conventions was a long list of preachers. What I saw was a group trying to justify the existence of our race IN TERMS OF Christianity, Traditional Values, and hard-right conservatism.

This is a war, and I welcome anybody who is shooting at my enemies.

But I have learned from costly experience that there is a cleavage between allies, those hwo are shooting in the same direction, and comrades, those you can always trust not to shoot you in the back.

When the Confederate flag issue came up, Bob Jones the Fifth or Sixth, inheritor of the family business, grabbed his Bible, found some quotes, and shot us in the back.

On interracial dating, he did much the same thing.

A Jew who is on our side either 1) genuinely hates Jews or 2) may feel his people are threatened by something we say and shoot us in the back.

I would not consider anyone who genuinely hates his own people to be a comrade, and so we are left with the fact that a person who has a separate Jewish loyalty can make an ally but NEVER a comrade. So I worry about AR putting them in its central councils or toadying to them.

I worry about the CCC suddenly switching sides on us when convenient the way Bob Jones the Umpteenth did. I have seen it happen with self-styled “Christians” many, many times.

AR’s Mission Statement, from what Kelso told me, is right on the money.

But, and there is always a but, they need to limit their COMRADES to those who are for white survival without any other justification, without loyalty that could override it.

AR must rigidly follow its own Mission Statement.