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Peter Gene

On my discussion of Mark Twain’s book on Christian Science, PeterGeneBudarick says:


The mention of “Christian Science” made me think of some things and wanted to share them.

Lateral thinking…..

I am an atheist of sorts based on my love of science since childhood.
[NOT as a reaction like most atheists]

And also I suppose because the Christian religion failed to completely program me as a child.

There are many reasons for that i know [as I tend to observe and analyse things including myself] but in the end it is pure luck and good genes [and I must say a good mother. Not a wise mother but a GOOD mother!]

But by my own choice, here is an old man who can debate any one on Earth and make a case that God is a great delusion. Especially the Hebraic God of Christendoom, Jewishness [in all its forms] and Islamism [the current wipping boy]. But he has Faith!

But now comes the shocker.

I pray to Jesus Christ as my friend all the time!!!

How is this possible?

I know that the historic Jesus probably was nothing like the image [in both character and appearance] the various Christian denominations and sects have portrayed over the ages.

But somehow I “know” that a GOOD man existed 2000 year ago, and he LIVES ON NOW hrough all those of us who have humility. Not the phony humility of those who put on robes! I wear none of the trappings of religiosity, not even a cross. I certainly never preach about it. I don’t go to Church except when in Russia. And unless you have been to Russia recently you won’t understand why I do this only there.

How can this be?

I can’t even give you a scientific explanation!

I was recently asked by a friend in Queensland over the phone: “But you don’t believe in God?”

I said: “that is true Dennis, and I can proove to my satisfaction – if not yours – that God is a delusion. AND this is as good a proof as the metaphor of the Earth being flat to serve our human need, but despite appearances, it is actually round. But having said that, I understand and i believe in Jesus Christ as you would understand and believe your best friend”.

Now I suppose the Jewish psychiatrists could derive good income from my “case”, except that I don’t give money to useless witch doctors.

But what I said really got Dennis thinking!

the point is that I did NOT say it to make him think!!!

It was just a spontaneous response.

Similarly I don’t think the Universe is trying to teach us anything.

I was sharing with Dennis what I perceived at that moment. Actually he is a far better equipped intellectual than I can ever be!

Sorry for being personal at my end, but it would please me if it brings a smile or two.

Religion is sooooo heavy….

Lets drop it! And it shall fall by the same laws of gravitation [Nucleonic field] that made the plastic planet Earth round.

Best wishes to all.



Now I had to edit the hell out of this, and I was happy to do it. Peter Gene just wrote what he was thinking, to hell with capitalizing “i” and so forth.

That’s what I want from you.

SAY it, dammit!

The part I didn’t like was at the end, the sentences that started with “Sorry:”

“Sorry for being personal at my end, but it would please me if it brings a smile or two.”

“Religion is sooooo heavy….”

“Lets drop it!”

Don’t be SORRY at me for doing what I want you to do: SAY IT!

We don’t need diplomacy, the world is packed with diplomats.

We don’t need English teachers. The market is choked with them.

I am trying to save an endangered species: People who THINK.

Budareck and I are in much the same place.

There is a country song, “You’re Walkin’ on the BITIN’ Side of Me.”

To us Bible Belters, even the 99% atheists like me, when you insult Jesus, yo’re walking onthe biting side of me.

On the other hand, the further you get from Jesus, when you drag inthe baggage, you stimulate my ahtiest side. If you want to drive me away from Christianity, the best way is to quote the Old Testament and all the other baggage that has been dumped on it.

I remember that one of the Praise the Lord-type programs had a guest on who had read the Bible and estimated the exact SIZE of Heaven. That hurt my faith badly at the time.

As CS Lewis said, “Jesus was God or he was a madman.”

Even if he was a mad man he towers above history on his cross in a way no one else can approach.

In The Passover Conspiracy, there is very plausible theory that Jesus FAKED death on the cross.

But in the Gospel itself, it SAYS that there was suspicion that Jesus died too quickly.

And in the Gospel, it SAYS that Jesus said the world was ending NOW. That has given Christians FITS. They cannot say he was just plain WRONG.

But, as with Budarick, what upsets the Perfect Man Christians is exactly what gives me faith.

They could have left out the Roman suspicion that he died too quick.

They could have left out his declaration that the world was ending NOW.

They left out NOTHING. That impresses me more than anything they could have said.

If he tried to fake death on the cross, he got his legs broken for it.

I don’t know about you, but I would never have the courage to fake death on the cross, following the routine torture.

And what exactly was the “Show me the money” reward for faking it?

God or mad man, this is the one person in history that I can actually worship without the slightest embarrassment.