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Only us ADL Plants Truly SUFFER!!!

I got four fun replies to my suspicions that ***I*** might be an ADL plant.


Uh oh. You’re in trouble now.


Are you referring to problems with Aryans for revealing that I suspect myself of being an ADL plant?

I think I’m in more trouble with the Jews for demanding my back pay.


LOL! Of course I work for the ADL, Bob. Do you think I’d read your stuff on my own time? Anyhow, it’s actually a good thing that you’ve exposed me. It means that I can start using my real name now: Anonywitz.

REPLY: The name is great! LOL back!

And your comment about reading my stuff on your own time makes the case against me even stronger.

Do you think I’d WRITE this crap on my own time?


I googled and found something just for you

I’m just joking btw.


Just a damn minute! If I’m an ADL plant I should already have been converted.

Besides, I am not ABOUT to have a preacher hold me under water or a Jewish bis pull a shiv on me.


“I googled and found something just for you”

If we all converted to Judaism we could take over the anti-white infrastructure and make it pro-white. Who knows, our grandchldren could become prime ministers and cabinet members of isreal. We could make the word “jew” stand for something other “than hatred of all other races that intimidate us.”


What I would enjoy most about your plan would be watching all those poor Jews depserately trying to warn everybody about this International Gentile Conspiracy.