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BNP Red, White and Blue Convention

No, I do not attend all conventions. That was one of my jobs as a professors and a political activist. I’m SICK of conventions.

I was a professional speech writer.

Give the old man a break. I an sick of even the BEST speeches.

But I would go to a conference if David and Kelso BOTH wanted me to.

I used to attend the EURO Convention once a year, and that was it. That was because both Dr. Duke and Kelso wanted me to speak there.

If BOTH of them give me orders, I follow them.

Since New Orleans sank, I went to the AR Convention. I did not expect to speak. Jared gave me some grief for not saying something about Sam Francis, but I was busy drinking, something Sam would have understood perfectly.

Now let’s talk about the Red, White and Blue Convention in Britain.

I just went tot he Red Neck Shop in Laurens, SC with BNP leader Sharon.

She was desribing how she had written, laminated, and put up the name of every white person in the UK who had been killed by a non-white. The cops, of course, tore them down.

Sharon risked a minimum two-year sentence.

This is the kind of people I have spent my life around.

Heroes and heroines.

She told the cops that if she had put up the one black killed by whites in Britain, who is a national hero, they would have congratulated her.

Being modern Brits, they sort of agreed but mainly chickened out.

Do you realize how much WORK she put into that? Do you realize the GUTS it took to nail those up in the teeth of the Hate Laws that carry an automatic prison sentence?

Sharon explained to us that if a Briton puts up a British flag in front of his or her home, the police will come and take it down.

Years ago, I watched a BBC program where a convention was flying their Union Jacks. The BBC program said that what was a sign of loyalty for some was a “threat display” for others.

The Union Jack is now, officially, a Threat Display.

Do you realize that?

That would be outlawed now. The minimum sentence is two years hard time.

And “The truth is not a defense.”

The Crown Versus Joseph Pierce, 1987.

So when the Red White and Blue Convention occurs, Ole Bob will be there.

Don Black, David Duke, and a list of others. eveybody goes to prison but me.

As with Sharon, when I hear yet another tale of pure effort and heroism, I can take it for granted.

Because I did it, and I didn’t get jailed for it ( including knocking a cop out cold).

I have — REALLY! — been honored with a lifetime of equality with real heroes.

So when the Red White and Blue Convention makes it Threat Display, I will be there, too. I was talking on the phone several days ago with two Texans who belong to the BNP, neither of whom had ever been in Britain.


Because we are Southerners, Rebels, and no one will fight the Old Country more than we will, and when the Old Country loses its cajones, we will be there to help the Brits regain them.

There will be a Red, White and Blue Convention in Britain.

And I will be there.



I Can’t Get Over How Brilliant Mark’s Line Was

Mark summarized my piece here, plus a broadcast I just did for Stormfront, perfectly:

“Those who own the present own the Future. Those who own the present NEVER have any serious relationship to what is really going to happen.”

That is absolutely perfect.

That is absolutely brilliant.

That is a major part of the story of human history.


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Mark and His Damned Apology

Mark summarized my piece here, plus a broadcast I just did for Stormfront, perfectly:

“Those who own the present own the Future. Those who own the present NEVER have any serious relationship to what is really going to happen.”

And whenever a commenter does brilliant work (Notice, Budarick, I am jumping on somebody ELSE again) he has to add a weak apology:

“I’m gonna have to have someone smart, like Elizabeth or Peter explain this one. My head huts.”

All of us understand what you did, Mark, you summarized what I said perfectly.

Elizabeth and Peter are both too smart to explain this one.

Your HEAD hurts?

Just wait until you find out what your BUTT feels like after I get done rewarding your apology


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The Future Versus the Real future

My ideas about the future, even in the 1950s, were so dead on that even I was amazed. If you want to know what I predicted, look around you.

Nobody ever took me seriously.

First, let me point out once again the critical difference between a real word and a capitalized word. True mercy is NEVER the same as Mercy. Capitalized Mercy comes from the Inquisition, where one is merciful for the next world by being merciless in this one.

The Truth is NEVER the truth. You censor simple truth specifically because you have the Only Truth.

It is a matter of logic. If the capitalized word meant the same thing as the real word, you wouldn’t capitalize it.

It is not exactly a shock to me that the Love Generation had an intesnity of hatred that rattlerd everybody else.

Al Capp, a “liberal New York Jew” who did the Li’l Abner cartton, said that he had made fun of the John Birch Society, the Klan and other right-wing groups for years, and had received what he thought was Hate Mail.

Then, in the 1960s, he made fun of the Love Gederation. “I never knew what real hate was,” said Capp, “It made the worst hate mail I ever got from the Klan look like an invitation to a tea party.”

Nobody can hate like a person who capitalizes Love.

The truth is simply the facts.

The Truth is ALWAYS a reason for censoring the simple truth.

So the future is simply what will be. It is totally diferent from The Future, which is how things MUST be.

When someone pronounces the Truth the one one thig you know is that it does not accord with the facts. When someone says he represents Mercy, “I am doing this for your own good,” you know to expect no mercy from him.

By the same token, the Future is never determined by what is going to happen.

I am living through my sixth Inevitable Fture, and nobody but me remembers that the other five were.

The Future is always today with more of the same. There is a very practical reason for this. In each age those in power have a huge stake in the way things are going, and anybody who says things won’t go on that way is taking the future away from those who own the present.

Those who own the present own the Future. Those who own the present NEVER have any serious relationship to what is really going to happen.

That’s where I START. Which is why my predictions are so deadly accurate.



— The Future Versus the Real future, Part One: It was Inevitable Whether it Happened or not

Well, I can’t find it, but I just approved a comment by a new commenter who said he was all for us but the white race would only be saved by violence. He didn’t way he wanted it, just that it would come.

He must be young, because young people still believe in an inevitable future. This is the sixth decade since I began hearing predictions of the Inevitable Future, and the Inevitable Future has been different in each one.

I have mentioned before that every 1930s movie had a way of depicting the Past and the Future. The Past was the cave man days, when everybody was half-naked in animal skins and dirt and uncombed hair. The Future was everybody in the a uniform that was tight-fitting and had the same metallic ridges on the shoulders and everybody’s hair was carefully combed.

Or they had on a helmet with that same metallic ridge on it.

And when the hat was taken off, the hair under it was carefully combed.

Uncombed and dirty, the Past, combed and styled, the Future.

When John McCane was asked about interraical dating he replied, “This is the twenty-first century.” In earlier ages, if asked about n established doctrine, one would reply, “It is God’s Word.”

It’s the same thing.

The established religion tells us what is and ever will be. Today the established religion is Progressivism, which means Polticial Correctness.

So someone who wants to move more quickly towards the inevitable future is called a “Progressive.” If you use the term “Progressive” you have to be sure you know where we are going and how to “progress” toward it.

In the 1950s state ownership of hte means of production and distribution was admitted by both the left and right in the political and academic communities as “inevitable.” The price system would give way to a command economy. The right thought it was bad and the left thought it was good, but both agreed it was coming.

So progressivism was for it.

With the collapse of the USSR, old-style Communists were declared to be political rightists and reactionaries. Progressives now deny they ever advocated a command economy.

Progressives are caught in the same trap the Papacy is. The Pope cannot simply declare that one of his predecessors was just plain wrong. Galileo’s ideas are now taught in every Catholic school, but he himself is still under indictment by the Church. For fifteen hundred years after Palgius was declared a heretic for disagreeing with St. Augustine that unbaptized babies were damned, Pelagius is still a heretic, but the Churh is backing furiously away from its pronouncement on this subject and no Catholic will claim what the Church stated officially for a millennium and a half.

So the Galbraiths and Schlessingers who got awards for proclaiming that the price system was useless are still honored and NEVER quoted.

In the established relgiion of Political Correctness, a Progressive can never be just plain wrong, just as the old established religions could not admit that the Pope or the Bible was just plain wrong.


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