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Both Sides Agree We Need to be Spayed or Neutered

It has often been said that Communism is the bastard child of Christianity. But they don’t THINK about it.

The advantage of keeping it firmly in mind that Political Correctness is our established RELIGION is that one remembers that a bastard inherits just as many of its parents’ characteristics as legitimate children.

Since Paul screamed that no one should associate with fornicators, just as Temple priests told Jesus he should not eat with the tax gatherers, we have seen everything connected with reproduction as evil.

Please note I said reproduction, not sex. The reason that Paul hated sex was because Satan was King of This World. This world was going to end and the next world would belong to God, which is why Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world.”

Communism and Political Correctness simple change the date and nature of the Arrival of the Kingdom. You always know a person is Marxist when he refers to Communist states as “socialist,” because for him to call any country communist world be exactly the same as a Christian declaring any country to be Heaven.

Heaven or True Communism, in the eyes of each respective faith, will arrive in its own time, and any specific time or place is regarded as heresy by both religions.

Theologians are always upset when one claims that the New Testament says what it says: that Jesus simply got it wrong when he said the world was about to end. The Christianity Industry pays very little attention to anything Jesus said that doesn’t fit in, so they forget that Jesus himself told his disciples that he did not know the time of the end of the world.

One after another, specific prophecies were made about the End of Days, and each is faithfully recorded. He said that there were people listening to him who would see the Day. Saint Paul believed The Day was always eminent.

This makes me feel a bit better about Paul, since, if he had known we would be here two thousand years later he would not have demanded that the entire population be psychologically spayed or neutered.

The established religion of today says that its predecessor was fanatical about sex. That is what the old religion did, in fact, degenerate into. Its leaders did not understand Paul’s Zoroastrian influence, as a sophisticate in a time when Zoroastrianism was a bigger religion than Christianity or even Hellenic Jewry with its six million adherents.

So Christianity and Communism are of one mind when it comes to genes. We know that there will be future generations, but, along with Paul, we have a two thousand year old sewed-in morality that says that talking about genetics is Evil. This fact is avoided by talking about attitudes on sex itself.

Stalin wiped out the Medicogenetical Institute of Moscow because it showed a vast identical twin study saying heredity was more important than environment. He then adopted Lysenko’s Politically Correct theories. There was no such thing as human heredity.

This was adopted from Christianity. The early socialists put genetic planning in with economic planning. But Christianity had had it right. The welfare of the next generation is a waste of money that could be spent on the Spreading of the Faith or on God’s Work, aka, pocketed by priests or commissars.

Genetics is, in fact, considered dirty by both faiths.

So we take it for granted in Political Correctness.

In a world whose education, economy and morality is to be supervised to the last inch, Political Correctness would make reproduction as free as the market under Ayn Rand. This represents what we call Both Sides, since Christianity still demands the spayed and neutered doctrine in Paul,

But the old religion no longer depends on the Final Days. The last gasp of that was probably in the panic of the year 1000 AD.

Absolute refusal to adopt any form of genetic morality is useful, because concern for future generations doesn’t do the churches or Mommy Professor any good.

The spayed or neutered morality is deep in our cultural roots, or more accurately, in our religious roots.