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Use It Or Lose It

a) They are asking us why we have such a political split in America. They talk about consensus, getting along like one people.

b) Then they tell us that we should not be one people, they say that the whole aim of America is that we not be one people.

a) They tell us that a healthy country is multicultural.

b) Then they tell us that all the people must have the same outlook, Political Correctness.

a) They tell us that there should be a great variety of races in America.

b) Then they tell us the goal is for all the races in white countries to mix into one.

Every respectable conservative makes his living by not mentioning any above in connection with its b.

Freedom of speech today means that you should be able to say anything you OUGHT to say.

Or, to put that more accurately, you should be allowed to say anything Mommy Professor decides you OUGHT to say.

It cripples your opponent when you add these few words: “what you consider to be…”

No respectable conservative ever does. That’s how he makes his living. He NEVER mentions that someone who denounces “racism” is denouncing WHAT HE JUDGES as racism.

Those three words are the difference between freedom and slavery. All any dictator needs is to be able to say that he outlaws things that are useless, heretical, pornographic, racist, or otherwise detrimental to the common good.

Most people would have no problem with some restrictions on freedom. The entire difference between freedom and slavery is those five words:


Free speech is the only salvation for free speech.

Use it or lose it.

Respectable conservatives are paid to lose it.