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General Comments is a Dream Come True!

Every time I go to General Comments V I want to cheer. For me it is a dream come true.

It is the opposite of the parts of SF we are all so tired of.

On SF one gets the impression that almost nobody has ever been engaged in the toe-to-toe struggle we MUST learn to fight.

When you read those writing in Comments V you can smell the smoke of battle on them. Here are people whose comments have been taken down from site after site. No one needs explain to them how effective our message is, or theorize about how some approach MIGHT be received.

If it’s an approach, they’ve just TRIED it and come back with a REPORT.

As I say, for me this is a dream come true. PLEASE keep it up, gang!

It is a wonderful novelty for me to see others come back from the actual battle to discuss it with their comrades.

Let me repeat that my whole experience was finding ways to bring the enemy down, having others see me do it, and then having those who should have been my comrades immediately go back to talking about how bad things are and what tomes people should read.

I want you to realize how PERSONAL this is with me. For decades, people actually enjoyed me tearing anti-whites to piece and glorying in how fast I did it. But when your race is on the line and, year after year, people just say how great you are but never even THINK about using the tactics you have developed, it becomes a nightmare.

It is like dealing with Pod People. In fact, that is the perfect picture of it. Decade after decade I watched my race being destroyed and all those on my side just wanted to write another piece about how bad things were.

Dealing with a very real case of Pod People is horrible. It is a nightmare in which you are completely alone. And when I say that, after all those nightmare years, Comments V is a dream come true, I am not exaggerating in the slightest.

If you truly empathize with what I am saying here, what I have been through, you will realize that I have this feeling of fear that, like a good dream, it will simply go away, that GCV will morph back into the “Things are awful” theorizing I at first found so unbelievable but long since accepted as the hideous reality.

If I sound a bit nuts, Lord knows that by now I have a RIGHT to.

For me, Lord Nelson is a hero larger than his namesake.

Precisely because he really doesn’t give a damn whether he is anybody’s hero or not. He understands the fight itself and he is not interested in anybody being impressed by his pontifications.

But God, does he every understand how this war is to be waged!

And he WAGES it!

If Bob’s praise means anything to you, please understand how MUCH I encourage those in GCV.

In this case it is really true that in the future, so many will have ever owed so much to so few.

Keep the dream alive!