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Get Real 2: Take Off The Black Glasses!

As I said in “Get Real!” I am sick of spoon feeding the simplest reality into those on our side outside of BUGS.

I was talking on the phone with a leader of Stormfront who finally broke down and started using the Mantra. He said hew had tried every alternative. He had used the word “displacement” instead of genocide.

We covered that in BUGS YEARS ago, when I called down Lord Nelson for trying to avoid any attack on Holy Intermarriage by describing immigration as the means of flooding white countries with non-whites. He instantly saw what he was doing was wrong.

But this guy has been at it for YEARS!

Displacement is an entirely different thing. In mechanics or in population, displacement means substituting one substance for another. Those who seek genocide prefer mixing to displacement: their object is not to SUBSTITUTE, their object is to DESTROY.

For anti-whites, immigration is no substitute for assimilation. Immigration is ONLY for assimilation.

As I said in “Get Real 1,” I am sick and tired of having to point things like this out. It is like trying to lead a bunch of people wearing black spectacles along.



There is natural antipathy between Jews and others. There is a natural antipathy between all human groups. If it is allowed to do so, this Jewish antipathy becomes pathological.

I don’t have to explain to anybody that there is a natural antipathy between French and Germans, Germans and Poles, because their countries border on each other.

In the West. Jews border on EVERYBODY. The idea that gentiles can hate Jews and Jews are magically incapable of malignant feeling toward others is insane.

We need to simply point this out.

But no, we never lay this simple foundation. We meet the anti-white’s Jews Are Angels with Jews Are Devils.

It does no good for me to endlessly point out one reality after another until


Of course Jews have gone nuts. Any group that finds itself regarded as angelic and above human emotions is going to go pathological.

In the 1920s one American magazine had to point out, “Mussolini is not perfect.”

He had stopped Communism and brought order in Italy. Like today’s commentators, the conservative magazines of the times were so obsessed with what he had been against that they did not take into account what he had substituted for it.

Real history is that Lenin made Mussolini and Mussolini made Hitler. This is not ideology. This is simple human action and reaction.

This is Mantra Thinking.

If eighty million Germans were responsible for Hitler, then fifteen or twenty million Jews were even more responsible for the slaughters of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot. Jewish sources constantly brag about how essential Jews were to the rise of Communism.

Now this pathological thinking is the stuff of present racial policy.

While I try to apply this simple historical logic, for a decade and a half in our movement, others have stumbled along screaming the same old screams, tripping over the same old foot traps that have set them on their asses for fifty years.

Get Real!