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It’s YOUR Turn: Go to BUGS SWARM


These articles are becoming difficult because I do not want to get your attention off what we have settled on as our millennial mission: spreading the Mantra and Mantra Thinking.

When someone puts a link in BUGS SWARM where we can hit them with the Mantra, please go there and hit them with it. Nothing is more effective than a reputation for jumping on an opportunity.

If you ever wanted to thank those who have had to fight this battle alone, like me, this is the way to do it.

For decades I have faced the anti-white’s great weapon: Silence. You cannot imagine what a lift it is for people in BUGS SWARM to be reporting that anti-whites are bitching about the endless repetition of the Mantra everywhere they go!

It is also hilarious to hear anti-whites bitching about REPETITION!

But I don’t get the lift unless you REPORT this to BUGS SWARM.

A swarm cannot be too large.

When you hit a site, put a sentence in SWARM to let us know you DID it.

No matter how often your school teacher may have told you that you shouldn’t brag, it does NOT apply here.

If you don’t like signing in often, write down your actions and put them in one sentence comments. In THIS case, and in THIS case only, several one-sentence comments are OK, because each represents a separate ACTION.

Repeat: A SWARM cannot be too large, as long as each bee is real.