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Don Black Uses My Staff Work

Don Black did a great job in his interview on ‘’

And he knew he had done a great job.

My comment was:

“Don is the first pro-white Name to use my services. I came to the movement as a writer and advisor whom leaders had paid lots of money and power to put their message into words. I offered and I offered and I offered to do that gratis for them, a staffer with no credit for his work, but not one of them showed any interest.”

“We could have had the Mantra going full scale a decade ago, and I would ask less credit than I am getting now.”

My name connected with the Mantra is STILL preventing its use.

One group is trying to raise money on a effusion of the Mantra as Defenders of Diversity. The Mantra has to be unrecognizable and usable to raise money.

No Name in our movement ever seemed to even to try to understand what Senior Staff is. They seem to go along with the myth that “staff runs Capitol Hill.”

In the real world if you start to RUN anything, you will never get another job as staff on the Hill.

Black used my input as staff input. Like every other professional I have worked with, and I have worked with a LOT of them, he used my stuff to express his own position. Congressmen have an eighty-hour week and they simply do not have the time to sit and think things out as well as they would like to.

So they hire people like me to express what they are thinking. The coal miners, truckers, farmers, anti-busers I worked with and marched with got the same service from me, and we were overwhelmed with people who wanted our services.

A coal miner understands fee staff services is a favor, not an imposition.

Thanks, Don, great work!