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There are a Lot More Universal Only True Faiths Than There are “Tribes”

Gar5 brought up the standard anti-white reply that pro-whites are “tribalists,” where anti-whites are Universalists.

I have heard this from Communists, socialists, libertarians, Catholics, Bible-thumpers, Hindus, Buddhists, conservatives, liberals … Well, if you truly have nothing else to do, you could spend the rest of your life extending this list of Only True Faiths.Image Hosted by

In fact, with the Internet, you will never have to stop because of your own limited memory. You can just list the new ones as they come along, and new ones come along faster than you can look them up and write them down.

H.L. Mencken made a list of several hundred “serious gods.” By “serious” he meant Osiris and Jupiter and Amon, gods to whom whole priesthoods dedicated their lives, gods like Marduk with whose anger ancient librarians would threaten anyone stealing a book.

But the list of Only Universal Truths is infinitely longer. You can’t make up a tribe.

Anti-whites say that the white race is guilty of endless sins, but they also say that race is a social construct. That is why being pro-white is “tribalism.”

But an Only Universal Truth is nothing BUT a social construct, and nobody claims anything else.