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We are Fighting Nothing, and That is HARD!

The article below was about exposing frauds that have no funds, no logic, nothing but the passive support of the People of Reputation who say it must be OK since other People of Reputation also say it must be OK.

Not one of the Persons of Reputation who let Enron happen, who thought Ponzi must be OK, who were consulted about Grant and Ward, ever lost an iota of their Reputation for the mistake.

No Sovietologists ever lost any reputation because not one of them even hinted the USSR was a goner. No Futurologist is ever checked later about his predictions. The only thing that ever happens to a Recognized Expert when a disaster occurs in his area of expertise is that he gets promoted and paid to advise on the Crisis he failed to warn against.Image Hosted by

Who is going to do the exposing?

Here is where we run head on into the problem of fighting Nothing.

No publisher is going to risk the court costs of pointing out thousands of Persons of Reputation, which means people who can sue for damage to those reputations.

And there is no payoff. The people ruined by Enron and the endless list of other Nothings will not be grateful for being warned off.

Let’s bring this down to the level you deal with every day.

One unmentioned rule of fundraising is not just that your cause must be exciting,  but that your ENEMY must be exciting. The Enemy must be Communists or Evil Capitalists or the ever-popular Military-Industrial Complex or an evil, cackling group of long-nosed JEWS who meet in the Oval Office at midnight to become the Secret Government.

You expose brainless, spineless moral cowards who have no trace of real intelligence.

Today’s Intellectualism is a Ponzi Scheme.

But do not expect gratitude or recognition for exposing an Enron or a Ponzi.

Fighting Nothing takes true heroism.