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Part 2

If you will read Part 1 again, in A Plague on Both You Houses, 1976, I stated that the Trump Lesson today is exactly the same one the Cucks made for the generation before Reagan.

Give her credit, what Hillary Clinton said about America’s working people, that they should be ignored by their “Betters'” like Hillary, was verbatim what William Buckley would have said if he had Hillary’s guts.

Let me give you THE example of this:

I was having lunch (Yes, luncheoneering!) with William Rusher and he was discussing the building of the National Review building in the the mid-1950s.

One of the most essential volunteers in doing the work was a young man name George Lincoln Rockwell, later the founder of The American Nazi Party. Buckley and Rusher were very greatful for the help of Rockwell and his guys, white guys who could actually handle this alien thing they called a hammer.

So, in what I suspect was a period of alcohol-induced good feeling, Buckley asked whether Rockwell would like a favor in return.

Rockwell asked a business favor for what had clearly been many hours of intelligent and hard work: He asked for Buckley to arrange for Buckley an few top staffers, including Rusher, to meet with him for supper one day and discuss how much of this “Liberal” business was — Guess what? — really “The Jews.”

Buckley, who, like so many of us in our youth, had a problem holding his liquor, rememembered how many times conservatives had recounted tales of how they, Ivy League Intellectuals, had won all those easy victories over Evil Bigots with a few brilliant words. Or rather, Buckley remembered what his Genius Buddies had TOLD him how they had won all those victories over the Bigoted Peasants.

Rusher also remembered when a younger and drunker Buckley had to be dragged away from the table screaming that people like William Rusher, who was NOT a CATHOLIC, were fake conservatives.

So Buckley and Rusher and others worried over this debate they had promised to have with Rockwell, who was, outside of the Buckley-Clinton myth that they were lowah clahss retards. Realized when sobriety hit Buckley that Rockwell was highly intelligent and highly informed.

In other words, a guy who got publicity with a swastika on his arm would wipe the floor with an effeminate lower-grade but moneyed fake from Yale.

Then Rusher grinned and told him the Brilliant Strategy they used to get out of Buckley giving into his words, which is a minor matter for any Ivy League spoiled brat.

When Rockwell showed up, waiting for a little discussion in return for a lot of work, nobody Buckley had promised was there.

Instead there was a Catholic bishop theologian, all pretty in his little dress.  photo glrockwell.jpg

I felt sick. Rusher thought it was great.

But I was a Southerner and an Old Fashioned American. My Word was VERY serious business.

To a Wordist, his own Word of Honor meant nothing, because he has no word of honor.

His only Words are those of the guy in the cute dress.

So I swallowed down my rising gorge and tried to smile at the Rusher-Buckley Act of Genius, and he got me a job with John Ashbrook.

I didn’t lose my munch, but I did lose my lunchioneering.

I want you to see this, so there will be a Part 3 to explain about the Jon Stewart comment.