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Some Necessary and Immediate “I Told You So’s”

Apparently nobody else is EVER going to notice them, so let me throw in some “I told you so’s”.

First of all, my honored friend David Duke resurrected his serious political career.

As usual, this important fact was only mentioned in the Establishment Press by insulting Dr. Duke. It was announced as “good news” that, though Trump won the presidency, Dr. Duke did not come nearly as close to winning top level office as he did before.

The United States Government spent over fourteen million dollars to get Dr. Duke into Federal prison. This was done to ruin his political prospects.

So the real story is that even after that gigantic effort to destroy him, that here he is again.

But you don’t get anywhere in the elite media by telling the real story.

The real story is also Duke’s campaign became effective when he allowed his followers to use the simple truth: “Diversity” is White Genocide.

His late start was due entirely to his waiting too long to get to the real story, the real truth:

White genocide.

He finally used the advice of a professional, me, instead of joining in with the old pro-whites in yelling how lowah clahss telling the truth would make the old pro-whites look.

I understand this. David laid low on attacks on my slogan because he is much closer to the old pro-white elite than I am.

That’s not surprising. I cannot think of any person living who has been more habitually denounced by the old pro-white elite than I have. But he STILL didn’t contact me.

So it was another example of the fact that even when you switch to using his advice, Bob Whitaker, is still summa cum untouchable.

But I’m used to that. I can do with the persona non grata bit if you will just USE my professional strategy.  The big point is that that mistake cost Dr. Duke what could have been a stunning comeback instead of just a good one.

Another point no one is apparently going to mention until I do is that the electorate is different when it is split into more than two parts.

It is historically very, very unusual for the next president to have a minority of the popular vote.

But it is scarcely mentioned, though I have been talking about some such a split as making the difference for over six months.

The danger is that, whatever causes this don’t speak of Bob complex, this election shows the very split in the electorate I tried to warn about. It will be there next election. It is now part of political reality. Is avoiding Bob really worth simply ignoring the basic new political reality?

I get the creepy feeling that, for many of the Luncheoneers, no price is too high for avoiding BUGSERS and Bob.

I am just not that important, gang!

Also a couple more points which apparently will be totally unnoticed by BUGSERS or anti-BUGSERS,  just to get the important point over with so we can get back to celebrity farts.

BOTH of the Lunchocrat spots made by Jared were IMMEDIATELY denounced by Trump himself.

My own White Genocide spots were retweeted by Mr. Trump and he has not looked back.

Dave went with the Lunchocrats too long, old friends or not.

The bottom line is that, yes, this sold




Keeping the Yool Kool

The path to becoming a BUGSER is very, very tricky.

It is also almost invisible.

The guy who gets all the notice always has perfectly combed hair, not just in the latest style, but in the LATEST style.

LATEST latest style.

The guy or girl who exercises real power over your future and your children’s lives forgot he HAS hair about two o’clock that morning as his third cup of forgotten coffee sits in its third redundant cup.

His salary is at LEAST hundred grand less then Mr. Latest Style’s. His face is very familiar to the public, one of these you see all the time but can’t put a name to.

If you are a reporter and you want to know what one half of the political spin is, coast to coast, you do what you always did:

You go to Mr. Latest Style. He will hand you your Latest Exclusive.

You fill in the blanks and go home.

Mr. Forgotten Hair will go to talk to some other Barber Challenged types and gets on with the process that will end with The Latest Insider Surprise to be handed to the “journalist” by the Latest Hair.

Somewhere in this chain all this Original Thinking will be one who does his hair without giving a damn, though everybody seen with him had better know the latest to the minute.

As to income, this gentleman gets whatever looks best.

As you damned well knew before you saw this article.

BUGSER read my opinions. But not one BUGSER has asked me what my Yule or Christmas statement on the stunning Election Day may be.

They have also not asked me anything about male hair styles.

BUGSERS have also failed to beg me to have lunch with them.

We are concentrating on what the Latest Exclusive will be in a few weeks.

In our society, that will never make you rich or famous.

But SOMEBODY’s gotta do it.



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