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After Tuesday, the War Goes On

Whether Trump wins or loses, we have to go right back into attack mode.

Yes, the snobs denounced our “white genocide” campaign.

But “White Genocide” is what is making the Duke for Senate campaign go, and the media have admitted it.

Though it will be a long cold day in the Bad Place before the snobs will show the simple honesty to admit that, the media state it clearly and repeatedly.

Another little piece of simple truth that these self-styled “gentlemen” simply will not even MENTION is that it is the BUGS line that WORKS.

Two times the AFP went against the straight BUGS approach.  photo cuck.jpg

And both times, out in the real political world, Trump denounced what they said.

When they used OUR lines, the Trump camp Twittered it back!

In the real world the snobs’ approach fell on its tail.

And neither time did they ADMIT it.

A gentleman is an honest man.

The snobs are NOT honest. Someday even the cuckservative money men are going to have to face this reality.

The cuckservative “movement” is in the casket waiting for very expensive funeral.

NR and RNC are both dead.

The longer we hold off the funeral, the less our chances of having anything worthwhile left after we stick those corpses in the grave the less likely there will still be anything worthwhile saving.

Which is exactly what the cucks are financed to do.

The only hope is that we will BURY these stinking corpses NOW!



Is It Possible Republicans Did Something Smart?

Trump wants to end the campaign on a denunciation of David, in a statement he said that David should be shot for some of the things he has supported.

The only thing the Democrats have to run on is that Trump is a bigoted racist.  photo trumpskid.jpg

On every SPECIFIC issue, starting with that wall at the border, Trump is the public’s REAL dream come true.

That is the Democrats’ ONLY advantage.

Now Trump’s son, NOT TRUMP, says Duke ought to be shot for some of the mean things he’s said about minorities.

I cannot imagine anything that the Democrats would see as a WORSE way for us to go into election day.

Seriously, the only thing that leaves me uneasy is the fact that the GOP is something out of their league, something not just OK but a stroke of professional GENIUS.

It’s exactly like my confident prediction that Trump would do the GOP thing: Wet his pant and denounce everything the public wants from him.

I was WRONG, and I am one more happy old B that I was wrong.


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Part 3

As a Bible Belter, the first words that hit me watching Jon “Stewart’s” show was “This is a plain, old-fashioned REVIVAL!”

Jon Stewarts’s show was just a group of Believers shouting that all Unbelievers are Evil and Damned.

In fact, what really fooled Jon’s audience was that they are so completely brainwashed about what a real  revival actually looks like. Stewart’s sophomoric audience is totally out of touch with any reality.  To them a revival is something out the 1920s, where the preacher screams about how everybody else is Evil and how all Unbelievers are going straight to Hell.

If one looks at a real revivalist, which these clowns never have, one sees exactly what one sees on Saint Jon.

A big timer evangelist is cool and calm except those few times when he, exactly like Saint Jon, comes to his crescendo.

Exactly like Stewart, Falwell repeats what the other side says, BUT HE REPEATS IT THE WAY IT ACTUALLY SOUNDS, as whining from a spoiled brat.

Stewart repeats what the evangelists say, but they say it IN CONTEXT.

This is what public speaking is all about.

When Jon Stewart is on, the Millennial sees Wisdom and see Wisdom IN CONTEXT.

To a pro, the life and death difference is WHEN you declare yourself as representing God, in the case of Falwell or Social Progress in the case of Saint Jon.

Pro-whites have no sense of this, none what so ever.

So they are destroying us.

Oh yes, they ARE innocent. They have no idea why they always lose in the final score.

But their sin is very, very real: They have to have the slightest interest in WHY they are destroying us.

Jared Taylor’s ONLY priority is to be Jared Taylor, Aristocrat and Intellectual. Saving his race is important to him.

But only if Point One is satisfied.

Buckley spent his entire intellectual life trying to prove that he was not just one more Catholic.

Not only a Catholic in WASP Territory, but a Catholic from THE SOUTH!  photo buckleygalbraith2.jpg

That is why a WASP leftist who says something good about someone from National Review, despite their religion and their birth certificate that at “South,” can’t walk into the NR office in New York without feeling that he is in danger of having one of the male staff throw him down and go straight for his zipper.

God only knows how many times I saw that photo of Professor Galbraith, not merely from Yale but from Harvard Itself, condescending to go fishing with Buckley.

Through the decades, we have seen the definition of “Us” and “Them” change.

In 1976 our Rulers were those quoted in television networks. There was a leftist establishment based on social programs, what I called “the education-welfare establishment.”

Back then it was critical who ruled the national TV networks.

You can see it just as clearly today, this division between those who rule and those who are ruled.

I read a short book on Kindle that was called Zoo. It divided us as to “ins” and “outs.”

Today’s hard currency is the title “celebrity”.

The names have been changed. But they don’t protect anybody, least of all the innocents.

The book’s main characters are defined as the “ins” and the “outs.”

As the crisis grows, it is decided that the city must be wiped out, and definition really gets razor-sharp.

And the Mayor is infuriated that how he is not one of the “us,” and “we” who are exempted.

I get the impression that it is the sudden redefinition of the Mayor from “”Us” to “them” that is the unkindest cut of all. Being one of the “we” means far more to him than merely staying alive.

And the disciples of Saint Jon have the same attitude.

Once again, it is an exact of a Revival. Death means nothing if you die as One of Us.

The Chosen. Those who See the Truth.

If we could just SHOW these sophomores, these “Wise Fools,” as the mindless morons they are, there could be some hope that they could be open to seeing the real world as it really is.

But as long as our only focus is on retaining snobbery, we are going down.