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Can Pence Abort Trump Victory?

Bill Gates made it clear long, long ago:

Gates says he is “A loyal liberal.”

MSN has not had one good word to say about Trump until today.

Today msn praised Pence to the skies.

This is the first time EVER that Microsoft’s front page has stated that a pro-Trump rally was a success.   What are we missing?

The rally that Microsoft is praising to the skies was an ANTI-ABORTION rally.

Now back to that sudden “We Love You” from Microsoft to Pence.   Pence was conducting a good old “We Know How to Lose” Pro-Life gathering.  My educated guess

But Microsoft is delighted to see Pence returning to Camp of the Losers.  My experienced guess is that Pence will do what respectable conservatives always do.   He will hear the media applause and go for more.

Microsoft wants Republicans to go back to destroying America by replacing Americans.

The message here is, as so often on BUGS, is a repeat:

“Watch Pence.”


Article – Watch Pence – Posted by Bob on November 9th, 2016