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“Radical” Youth

Posted by Bob on November 11th, 2010 under Coaching Session

Some ex-hippies have told me in no uncertain terms that my impression that hippies were anti-white was wrong. I find that very easy to believe.

In the faraway 60s I was driving across the South with a young English girl. We were watching a live TV show where young people were asked if they thought long hair on males was bad. She guessed almost all of them would say no.

She was barely older than the youngsters who answered, but it was, as I had predicted to her, about ninety percent yes. She had nothing to guide her but the American media and American commentators.

The Wallace Youth was huge, but I never saw a single picture of them until Wallace was shot and his stalker’s picture was among those wearing Wallace Youth hats. I don’t remember ever seeing a picture of even one Nixon Youth.

But Leftist Youth was on television nightly.

All Youth, then as now, was radical left. That is the reason the information about “youth” was produced.

At Kent State, the average age of the rock-throwers was higher than the average age of National Guard units who fired on them. By the way, the entire national media absolutely declared that no rocks were thrown. Now that it doesn’t matter, they admit it freely.

As Al Capp said, “It doesn’t take a college education to know that the easiest way to get yourself killed is to throw rocks at armed men.”

When the TV news interviewed students about the integration of the University of South Carolina, which had been delayed until me and my group left the school, one guy yelled, advocated violence, the whole bit.

Everybody knew that in this random sampling of student opinion, he would be left out. He was a student and he gave no doubt he had an opinion, but everyone assumed that it would be edited out. I like to go into that with people, precisely because they took it for granted.

When someone edits out offensive language, the decision is looked at closely. But we have become so accustomed to neatly trimmed news that we never THINK about the implications.

As one BUGS commenter put it, censorship is more about what is left out than about what is left in.
If that guy had been a LEFTIST radical screaming for violence, CBS would have featured him as “youthful dissent.” But I had to stick that under people’s noses to get them to NOTICE what they took for granted.

But this sort of unnoticed truth is what makes the world what it is. Not Conspiracies, not Big Money, but simply what the media are comfortable with.

It is important for me to repeat that right after the 1980 election, the media didn’t KNOW any of the people in the new Administration below Secretary level. They even put ME on the front page of the New York Times because my quotes were too good to leave out!

It took them a year to find out who was nice and who wasn’t. Can you imagine any other media in the developed world that wouldn’t even have a passing acquaintance with people who just took over in a landslide?

Compared to what is coming, Reagan was very, very mild.

The media won’t mention us until we are at their throats.

  1. #1 by Lord Nelson on 11/11/2010 - 7:52 am

    “Compared to what is coming, Reagan was very, very mild”

    The amount of Pro-White activity I am seeing on main stream webites like ‘Youtube’ etc… is amazing. Outside of the corporate MSM the Anti-Whites are losing everything. Including the morale high ground!

    PS. Bob. I am not sure you fully appreciate just how instrumental you have been in a lot of the groundbreaking stuff that I see happening right now. 😉

  2. #2 by backbaygrouch on 11/11/2010 - 8:36 am

    “[A]t the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month…” Why was this iconic phrase produced? The armistice was signed six hours earlier. Even giving the physical limits of just how fast the message could be delivered the delay was evil. Men were killed. Men were maimed. Those men had families and lovers. But a cute newspaper headline trumped their frivolously shed blood.

    Today we honor the sacrifices of those nameless grunts, not the press barons and their scribbling toadies who got to turn a clever phrase.

    It could have been worse. Lloyd George instructed Britain’s representative, Admiral Wemyss, to delay the announcement until 3:00 pm when the Commons sat so that the Wizard of Wales could stride into the House at that precise moment eliciting glorious alleluias proclaiming his greatness.

    Today we honor the nameless grunts whose luck allowed them to go home, not the buzzard politicians who treated them as carrion to feed off of.

    The twentieth century saw imbecilic statesmen slaughter in the millions the White race. In our own land we have had a succession of failures who will be cited today as great. They were not. They were race traitors, – Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson and Bush, men who lied and killed their own. They were the worst of shepherds.

    Sixty-six years past I was named after a nameless grunt, my paternal grandmother’s son. It was fifty-four days after he gave his all so that Franklin Roosevelt’s pal, Stalin, and the Jewish cult of communism could enslave Eastern Europe. The USS Turner, DD648, was sunk outside of New York harbor. In just a few more hours grandma would have welcomed him home on leave. Instead she got a corpse. The press release that the local papers were forced to print as an obituary misidentified his parents.

    But a headline was produced, assuring the public that no German submarine could reach our shores, announcing an accidental explosion of the onboard munitions. Well over a hundred men were denied the minimal honors of war, a trivial but treasured medal, so that FDR’s reputation as the nation’s guardian could be exalted.

    News is not produced for truth.

    The honorable service of the nameless grunts cannot erase the ignominy of those leaders whose wars and propaganda have eviscerated the White race. Today politics, war by another name, continues the grim task of solving the White problem. The tools are not now weaponry and munitions, though it may again come to that, the means are intermarriage and promiscuous immigration.

    Today honor your kinsmen, the nameless grunts who served and who have been so badly served as evidenced by the very fact that they were called upon to serve. Do it by posting the Mantra that their offspring may have the opportunity to flourish as Whites. Ignore, condemn, despise the Greats, the bastards of our race, for whom, by whom, the wars and news were produced.

    Today shed a tear for the wasted, spilt blood of your own. Today honor only your kinsmen, your tribesmen, your race.

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