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My answer to Mark’s comment is to do what the left does.

Memorize it, copy it and paste it, until you force them to answer it.

I will REPEAT this here on my blog:

As David Duke pointed out on his radio show recently, what they never do is answer your arguments. They scream Hate and they accuse, but they never answer you.

MAKE them answer you. Just keep repeating the same argument until they HAVE to answer you. There is nothing more effective than the same statement made over and over and over and over, with “I don’t think you heard me” thrown in innocently.

I have repeated the same thing twenty times, and the audience begins to snicker and then to laugh as my opponent tries, again and again, to twist away from what I said.

Like Lord Playfair, I LOVE it when one of our people learns to USE one of my points and repeats it.

For example, I used to always say to a Communist, “Why is it that every Communist country must build walls to keep people IN and we have to build walls to keep people OUT?” I remember once saying, “Let me repeat this, because I don’t think you heard me, for the eighteenth time, let me repeat it, ‘why is it that every Communist country must build walls to keep people IN while we must build walls to keep people OUT?’ ”

The other readers were laughing themselves silly. The poor Commies twisted and turned. But the fact is that their system is just awful, so people escaped.

On race, what everybody has to call antiracism means massive immigration and integration for EVERY white country and ONLY for white countries. “The race problem” will be solved this way. But there is “race problem” to be solved in Africa or Asia.

Antiracism MEANS the white problem. The solution is genocide.

So say so, without variation, over and over and over and over and over and over. Over and over and over and over and over.

No variation, no letup. Make them answer you or say it again, over and over and over and over.

Originally Posted by Lord Playfair:

I’ll be honest with you.

There are times when I do have the answers written down already.

That’s one of the benefits of my website White Nationalist Info

I have a stack of articles I have written there, and sometimes, when the question is being asked to me, for the 8 millionth time that day, I will just go and copy the answer I gave before, from one of my articles.

But there is nothing wrong with that.

That is why my website is there.

Every article I write is open for anyone here to use, if they feel it can help them in a discussion on another forum, or they feel it would be good posted elsewhere.

My articles are stickied all over the internet, and I’m happy with that.

I know that David feels the same way, I know he is happy for excerpts to be taken from his articles, and used to try and educate, awaken, or stimulate people on other messageboards, to spread our message and to bring them into our fold.

To bring people to our sites and to enroll them in our movement.

That is one of the reasons he writes so many.

He is sharing his knowledge with us, so that we can use that knowledge to share with others, and help them in the same way.

I like to try and to use my own mind, whenever possible, instead of just parroting others, but, on the other hand, if a better man has said it first, then why dismiss it?

If someone can sum something up perfectly then why should I attempt a clumsy alternative?

Sometimes there is good mileage in using words already written, the words of some of our foremost thinkers, instead of trying to find a new angle, or a different way of saying it.

Just don’t forget to tell people who said it first, and how they can learn more.

It’s no good leaving them with a quote on a distant website, and then walking off with out giving them the opportunity to travel further down the road to enlightenment.