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New Radio Programs

Posted by Bob on March 29th, 2006 under Coaching Session

Kelso tells me that my Radio Stormfront broadcasts since February 24 wwill soon ge on my Audio Archives site at

You can go to and hit Audio Archives or go directly to:

In either case, I will probably have to remind Kelso again before they go up.

Ther is always a real problem not repeating myself but makijng sure that each of my statements is a tight weave with the others.

I am trying to provide a consistent way of thinking. You can’t do that without being somewhat repetitious.

As an interrogator, I found out one basic rule: when someone talks about others, he tells you all about himself. The most obvious example of this is people who talk about the time about Hate as a motivation. Hate is the complete explanation for someone’s attitude, but only if you are the kind of person for whom hate is a motivator.

Many a time I have listened say “It’s not about hte MONEY” half a dozen times in the space of five minutes.

The obvious conclusion is that it is at least partially about the money.

My latest program, “The Product Called Information” is along the same lines.

People seem to think that shirts and potatoes are produced byt he amretk, whereas information is somehow objectively and spontaneously the produce of an objective desire for truth.

Information is a product, like any other product.

If you do not understand that a person who left to talk is really telliung you all about himself, you will not understand that information is product. And if you don’t understand that information is a product, you know nothing about how to get and sift the data you receive.

Some years ago an Australian couple, he white she Chiese, did a study on newborns. They “swaddled” them, that is, they tied them down. The Orienta; babaies consistently strugled a while and then yielded tot he inevtiable, which is exactly the stereotype of an Oriental. The white babies just kept on fighting.

I am sure many a Russian baby died in swaddling, but it was considered a necessity in a land ruled by Orientals.

Now, you say, that is very interesting. But there was no follow-up study.

If you have to ask why, I am not sure I can explain it to you.

All studies conducted on grants always conclude that the races are the same.

To put t his down on the level where an imbecile or a college professor can understand, anything that doesn’t back Political Correctness does not get financed.

For once I am being unfair to professors. Anybody who succeeds in academia knows this going in.

So Political Correctness has a backup. When a study like that Australian one comes up, they ask “Has that study been confirmed?”

That study has not been repeated. No one would be allowed to repeat it. This is not just a matter of financing one more study, which would be impossible. It is also the fact that if your university repeats that study at its own expens you will find the grants closed to you in every OTHER area as well.

“These are not reliable people.” “Why are they repeating this study at their own expense if they nothing to prove, a Special Agenda?”

Ther Secret Agenda is that they are naziswhowanttokillsixmilli0njews.

But nobody has to explain all that. The study came out wrong and it will not be repeated, for reasons everybody in academia knows are obvious.

If you don’t already know this, I wonder what world you are living in.

And if you are living in another world, I can’t really explain anything to you.

  1. #1 by Shari on 03/29/2006 - 8:44 pm

    I have thought this and I’m not in academia. But I have relatives who are and they get grants all the time and are very leftist in their views. That study on swaddling is interesting as I’ve also wondered how children who are always properly restrained and helmuted are going to grow up? I know that it is more dangerous now, but still I see children riding a tricycle on the sidewalk with a helmut on.

  2. #2 by kanefromsf on 03/29/2006 - 9:37 pm

    Money does screw up a lot of things. Economic determinism is something that I ignored at first but now I realize that it is more real than I thought. People will say things that get them paid. At least most people will, maybe a principled man will say the truth but most people will say things that get them paid. It’s known as playing to your base, and people have an agenda and a base to play to, and would rather play to that base than tell the truth if the truth conflicts with their base. I may be patting myself on the back but one thing I pride myself on is that I don’t sort of “look the other way” when I hear bs just because someone within my circle of friends say it. I don’t hedge on issues.

    On similar lines, I absouletely think that there are economic reasons for the destruction of our race and it is this, and not a Jewish conspiracy or Jewish power, which is the main factor in its destruction. I reached that conclusion a few weeks ago, and once you reach it, no matter how much people bs you, it just runs right off your head because you know the truth.

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