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When There is NOTHING There

EnRon made headlines. Years after EnRon, a guy who had been collecting tens of millions of dollars to invest for well-to-do people didn’t even bother to run away. After over a decade of this, the police came to arrest him and he said, “I was wondering when you were going to catch on.”

We call these Ponzi Schemes as if Ponzi was a special case. But in the real world they are routine.Image Hosted by

Like the rest, this guy got some reputable people to hand him their money and others asked about him and were assured that reputable people trusted him.

People do not understand history because they are always astonished to hear about EnRon getting hundreds of millions in investments and having nothing. In the 1880s people invested millions of dollars in Ullyses S. Grant’s Grant and Ward Company. Nobody, least of all Grant, knew that Ward wasted every dime. Grant died deeply in debt, and those who had invested lost all their savings.

In each case I have cited, and in hundreds more,  and in hundreds occurring right now, it is not that there are not enough assets to cover liabilities. It is not that someone is “mistaken.”

There is NOTHING there.

Except some people you checked with. And they may make a few calls and you go ahead and do what they recommend.

I know of no case in my personal or studied history where anyone who was asked about this sort of thing ever suffered the slightest loss of reputation for vouching for the Ponzi.



There are a Lot More Universal Only True Faiths Than There are “Tribes”

Gar5 brought up the standard anti-white reply that pro-whites are “tribalists,” where anti-whites are Universalists.

I have heard this from Communists, socialists, libertarians, Catholics, Bible-thumpers, Hindus, Buddhists, conservatives, liberals … Well, if you truly have nothing else to do, you could spend the rest of your life extending this list of Only True Faiths.Image Hosted by

In fact, with the Internet, you will never have to stop because of your own limited memory. You can just list the new ones as they come along, and new ones come along faster than you can look them up and write them down.

H.L. Mencken made a list of several hundred “serious gods.” By “serious” he meant Osiris and Jupiter and Amon, gods to whom whole priesthoods dedicated their lives, gods like Marduk with whose anger ancient librarians would threaten anyone stealing a book.

But the list of Only Universal Truths is infinitely longer. You can’t make up a tribe.

Anti-whites say that the white race is guilty of endless sins, but they also say that race is a social construct. That is why being pro-white is “tribalism.”

But an Only Universal Truth is nothing BUT a social construct, and nobody claims anything else.



Diversity and Freedom Cannot Coexist

This is a point I made here years ago:Image Hosted by

Wordism says that a society is united by a set of words, a doctrine.  The doctrine can be libertarianism or  religion or socialism or Fascism.

No union based on any form of Wordism can maintain freedom of speech.   Very soon someone using words will be attacking, or accused of attacking, the words on which the whole system is based.

This is what is meant when someone asks, “Is this freedom of speech or is this heresy?”   “Is this freedom of speech or is this Hate?”

Any society based on a set of words rather than a common identity must eventually defend those words from heretics by force.




What Do You Do When Your Dream Comes True?

That’s the second shortest poem I have heard so far.

The famous shortest poem was: “How Odd of God To Choose the Jews.”

But mine hasn’t been outlawed yet.

“What do you do when your dreams come true” is a statement of MY quandary with BUGS.

Those of you who have been through the agony of trying to get pro-whites just to toss in the Mantra here and there will see why I refer to what I wanted ten years ago as a DREAM.

After all those years there was not ONE other person who would even slow down long enough to HEAR it. Image Hosted by

What we have now, Mantra jockeys with years of experience, was something I hardly even dreamed of.

So I declared the Seminar at an end. I was told that I had been doing more harm than good.

But when I declared an end to the SEMINAR, a lot of people who depend on BUGS for other purposes concluded I was closing down BUGS.

That confirmed that my writing is going downhill.

I will always be loyal and I will keep BUGS going as long as you find it useful. But, as many of YOU have pointed out to ME, BUGS has REALLY done its fundamental job.

But it is no longer Bob’s job to jump on mistakes. I will do little or no coaching.

It is time for you to take over whatever BUGS now has to do.

Considering all I have been through, it would be astonishing if I hadn’t by now become too rough and thoughtless to be a coach any more.

Simmons (I think it was) lately asked that Bob or some other obsessives not come down on me for something. As a matter of fact, “obsessive” is one of the terms on my pension papers.

But, dammit, if anybody ELSE says I’m obsessive, I will chase them down to the ends of the earth!!!!!



What is Japan Doing Without?

Very few anti-whites ever address the point that non-white immigration is limited to white countries.Image Hosted by

But a few have said that Japan will regret it. They say that the Japanese population is aging and will starve without all the young non-whites white countries are importing.

Then someone mentioned that Japan seems to be doing just fine. Even her fast food places are running as well as anybody’s, despite the lack of teenagers.

Instead of bringing in third world refugees, Japan has invested abroad. Instead of depending on assembly line labor, Japan is developing robots.

But I have not studied Japan, and a lot of old people in America, led by the AARP, have declared any immigration restrictions to be a threat to their social security checks.

This is the last-ditch defense of open borders. A huge percentage of old Americans and Europeans would be happy to sell out their race and their children for their benefits. They are the worthy heirs of The Greatest Generation whose motto was, “We fought a WAR for these benefits!”

But is it even true that our race must be destroyed if the old folks are to get the benefits they voted themselves?

I ask you, in the real world, what IS Japan doing without?