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Filling Time, Filling Time, Filling Time

Let me introduce this topic in a typical Bob way:

I am going to beat a point in with shameless repetition so you might NOTICE it: I keep trying to remind BUGSERS the problem of filling time, time filling, filling time.

Time filling — we are normally given only a few words to get in a meme.

The memes work perfectly in getting attention and on the vanishingly few news reports we get from our efforts.

It took us years to develop our meme strategy.

One end of the spectrum is getting impact into a tiny space we can steal on the Internet before the Thought Police move in.

At the other end of the spectrum is another natural result of our hitting them mercilessly: We get asked to go on small, sympathetic talk programs.

When we have to FILL TIME.

I am still trying to figure out how to do this.

If the HOST and his AUDIENCE want to discuss Jews and, God forbid, The Latest News, how do we get as much of the discussion as possible onto the REAL point?

If your audience cannot be held by an hour of repetition of the same memes that you use in the precious little space we can get on the Internet, what do you do?

For a group which has made the strategic breakthrough in USING tiny amounts of time, the problem of FILLING TIME is a whole new field.

I KNOW that not a precious Meme Second should be wasted on News, Jews, or Traditional Values.

It took me YEARS to develop that White Genocide concept and to find a handful of people who would use that with discipline.

Now we have our own programs competing for an audience.  Now we have Trucker Roy speaking where no BUGSER would have been allowed a word, among the BIG Guys of our movement.

We have our own White Genocide web site.

HD’s petitions on white genocide put us onto the national news sites.

We have stirred a civil war between the ADL and the SPLC.  photo Napoleon_III_Otto_von_Bismarck_Detail.jpg

And what is most important to me, most of this was NOT my doing!

I am a political warfare expert, probably the only real one still alive.

So each part of the battle plan requires a rethinking.

And each step requires looking at it SEPARATELY.

Over twenty times I have outlined how the French fought three separate wars against Germany, each one exactly the same way, and were defeated each time within a month.

If they fought another war against Germany, France would fight it the same way.

I developed this strategy because we pro-whites were LOSING.

No leading pro-white will admit that any more than any French general will admit the French were just plain STUPID.

Do we adopt EXACTLY the same strategy on FILLING TIME that we did on USING TIME?

The war is reaching its second stage.

We got to the second stage by rethinking everything that kept stopping pro-whites on the first stage.

One point will not change: We have to get attention on the Message of Our Memes: White Genocide.

But when time is ample and we need to suit our hosts or A DIFFERENT AUDIENCE, as White Rabbit and Truck Roy have to do, let’s realize we are not French Generals.