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Tim Wise: A Jewish Mother’s Son

I don’t know if Jews meet at midnight under the capitol dome to lay their plans for undoing.

I do know from personal experience that Jewish Mothers are real, and sons become nasty little bastards.

The most fluent and ferocious anti-Semitic diatribe I had ever heard came from a boy my own age who was going to Columbia High School and we were having lunch together.time wise post

I couldn’t understand it.

He used words that clearly meant Jews, but out of the league with “kikes” or a couple of terms I had heard.

And, I kid you not, he finished by saying, “Those God damn New York Jews are half my synagogue now!”

And even New York Jews have real problems with the real sons of Jewish mothers.

They are spoiled beyond imagination, and they take it with them for life.

You wonder where a Tim Wise comes from.

What grown man on God’s green earth would announce to us that if we do not accept “his multiracial society, we are HIS enemy.”

Only a Jewish mother would be worried by a declaration like that.

Tim Wise is a hideously spoiled child in a man’s body.

He will never grow up.



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