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Benedict Arnold

By far the greatest general on either side in the Revolution, and he was on both, was Benedict Arnold.

When he betrayed America, people said that if he got caught, his left leg should be cut off his body and buried with honors, while the rest of him should be hanged and buried like a dog.

That is because Arnold took two major wounds in his left leg in combat, and only kept the leg because he woldn’t let them cut it off, though he was risking his life.

He won the pivotal Battle of Saratoga himself, while the American commanding General Clinton just sat there and refused to do anything. Clinton was later disgraced for cowardice at the Battle of Camden.

But not before he had gotten Arnold court-martialed for doing the fighting and disobeying orders.

Arnold had the idea that won Boston early in the war. He went into the war wealthy and was ruined during it.

And every time he did something heroic, he was dragged into a court-martial. He spent large sums from his own pocket when it was a key to victory and nobody wanted to pay him back.

He finally decided that such petty, horrible people could not run a country.

It is hard to say whether his personal resentment or his finally reevaluating the whole situation came first. Human motivations are always hard to untangle.

But a basic point here is critical. No matter how PHYSICALLY brqave you are or how brilliant you are,
no matter how many sacrifices you make, one think that can break your devotion to a cause is the unfairness, the pettiness, of it all.

Washington could not quite believe that every morning his troops came up for morning inspection at Valley Forge. They were paid in worthless currency. Many of them couldn’t even show up at inspection because they were freezing to death.

And the men knew the contractors were cheating them. The men knew they were making ALL the sacrifices, And took the unfairest of orders from many incompetents.

And the easiest thing in the world is to say, “I have all the physical courage in the world. I have sacrificed and he hasn’t. But my HONOR is offended, so I quit.”

The motto of the World War II Generation was, “I showed my courage and sacrifice when I was 19. From now on I don’t have to show a scrap of MORAL courage.”

The way the World War II Generation served was by universal national enthusiasm, once he signed up you couldn’t back out, and by brute force, the draft. If we had depended on ose two things to win the Revolution, we would still be colonials.

The group that calls itself The Greatest Generation couldn’t run. If they ha faced a fraction of the pointless suffering the Revolutionists — or the Tories — faced they would have slinked on home.

Thus The Greateest Generation Saved the World. They tell us they are so Great they make those who left their bare-footed blood in the snow in the Revolution look piddling.

And they gave us what we are living with today.



New Radio Programs

Kelso tells me that my Radio Stormfront broadcasts since February 24 wwill soon ge on my Audio Archives site at

You can go to and hit Audio Archives or go directly to:

In either case, I will probably have to remind Kelso again before they go up.

Ther is always a real problem not repeating myself but makijng sure that each of my statements is a tight weave with the others.

I am trying to provide a consistent way of thinking. You can’t do that without being somewhat repetitious.

As an interrogator, I found out one basic rule: when someone talks about others, he tells you all about himself. The most obvious example of this is people who talk about the time about Hate as a motivation. Hate is the complete explanation for someone’s attitude, but only if you are the kind of person for whom hate is a motivator.

Many a time I have listened say “It’s not about hte MONEY” half a dozen times in the space of five minutes.

The obvious conclusion is that it is at least partially about the money.

My latest program, “The Product Called Information” is along the same lines.

People seem to think that shirts and potatoes are produced byt he amretk, whereas information is somehow objectively and spontaneously the produce of an objective desire for truth.

Information is a product, like any other product.

If you do not understand that a person who left to talk is really telliung you all about himself, you will not understand that information is product. And if you don’t understand that information is a product, you know nothing about how to get and sift the data you receive.

Some years ago an Australian couple, he white she Chiese, did a study on newborns. They “swaddled” them, that is, they tied them down. The Orienta; babaies consistently strugled a while and then yielded tot he inevtiable, which is exactly the stereotype of an Oriental. The white babies just kept on fighting.

I am sure many a Russian baby died in swaddling, but it was considered a necessity in a land ruled by Orientals.

Now, you say, that is very interesting. But there was no follow-up study.

If you have to ask why, I am not sure I can explain it to you.

All studies conducted on grants always conclude that the races are the same.

To put t his down on the level where an imbecile or a college professor can understand, anything that doesn’t back Political Correctness does not get financed.

For once I am being unfair to professors. Anybody who succeeds in academia knows this going in.

So Political Correctness has a backup. When a study like that Australian one comes up, they ask “Has that study been confirmed?”

That study has not been repeated. No one would be allowed to repeat it. This is not just a matter of financing one more study, which would be impossible. It is also the fact that if your university repeats that study at its own expens you will find the grants closed to you in every OTHER area as well.

“These are not reliable people.” “Why are they repeating this study at their own expense if they nothing to prove, a Special Agenda?”

Ther Secret Agenda is that they are naziswhowanttokillsixmilli0njews.

But nobody has to explain all that. The study came out wrong and it will not be repeated, for reasons everybody in academia knows are obvious.

If you don’t already know this, I wonder what world you are living in.

And if you are living in another world, I can’t really explain anything to you.



I Need Some Advice

Stormfront has asked me to be moderator for the Traditional Christianity (TC) section.

This may seem odd, since I am not a Traditional Christian, but no moderator of the TC, as I understand it, ever has been. If you are a TC, that means you belong to a traditional faith. So either you do not take your Calvinism or Catholicism or Orthodoxy all that seriously, or you will be biased toward one or another.

This is not true if you are sure that you are perfectly objective, but every TC creed agrees that the only perfectly objective man died 2,000 years ago.

My first job as moderator would be to delete all Identity Christians (IC) from the TC group.

This is fair, since IC have their own group on Stormfront.

The one person who has insulted me personally more than anybody else in TC, and there have been a lot of them, has been Ibere. He is IC.

But I LIKE Ibere. He is fully dedicated, reliugiously as well as politically, to the white race.

I can take plenty of personal insults. I can’t take racial traitors.

Ibere has said I am not a Christian, that I am a blasphemer, and some really unkind things besides.

But none of this personal abuse has any real effect on me. What makes me truly ill is a Hannity or a Bob Jones the Umpteeth who uses the Name of Christ to push race-mixing or pull down the Confederate flag.

Ibere and I had a civil discussion recently, and I hate to ruin it by taking on the job of driving CI back where they belong in Stormfront.

Despite all his insults, Ibere is important to me in a different way. What matters to me is what he thinks of my RACE, not what he thinks of ME.

But if I help drive the ICs out of TC, am I a racial traitor?

But the TCs are good pro-whites, too. I was raised with TCs who took on the whole world outside the Bible Belt for their race. The Bob Joneses have sold them out.

The few who have resisted are on Stormfront.

Does the precious remnant of racially loyal TCs not deserve a champion?

My own pro-white views are a simple matter of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” No human being should be born into a world without whites.

But Identity Christians seem to want to read the white race into the history of Ancient Israel. I have no use for the Old Testament version of Christianity.

I do not need the Old Testament to justify my devotion to my race.

I don’t care whether Abraham was an Aryan or not. The survival of my race is not something that I need to justify.

No one can count on my smarts, but the one thing ***I*** can count on is my honesty.

Being the TC moderator would involve some WORK, and I am about worked out. It would make me unpopular, but I have never been that popular nor have I cared to be.

Duty comes first.

So am I the best to do the job?

It has happened many times in my life that, God help me, I was the best available.

What would be the reward?

Do you know what I get out of being TC moderstor?


But squat is what I have gotten out of about everything else I did in the name of Duty.

Robert E. Lee said that “Duty” was the most beautiful word in our language.

With all due respect, Marse Robert, I have always found duty to be pain in the neck or lower.

What I should do is refuse.

Everybody but me, TC or IC, can fall back on Theology.

Theology is wonderful. Every time you want to do something you can find a piece of Scripture to justify you.

But I have never been able to substitute Scripture for my conscience. That’s called blasphemy in the culture I was raised in, though no one uses that word any more.

The Bible is a guide, but it is NEVER an excuse.

At least, that’s what religious dinosaurs like me were raised to believe.

Maybe what we need is one last dinosaur.

All my life what a shrewd person would have done was refuse.

Most of the times I did refuse I felt guilty about it later.

I am old and tired and I need some input.



The Half a Million March

Half a million people marched in Los Angeles demanding that US borders be opened.

One is not allowed to say that American Hispanics have no loyalty to other US citizens, but only to other Hispanics.

But that’s how they vote.

That’s how they march.

At the World Series the main speaker at the HIspanic celebration said he was speaking not only to Hispanics in the US but to “Our brothers in other lands.”

When Republicans backed a referendum to take benefits away from known illegal aliens national Republicans backed away from it. Liberal Democrats said repeatedly that that meant the end of the Hispanic vote for California Republicans.

No one said, “You mean that Hispanic American citizens would rather have all Americans pay Hispanics because their only real loyalty is to other Hispanics?”

Like so many other home truths, that is a fact everybody takes for grnted and that no one is allowed to THINK, much less SAY.

On one television show, the black character was terribly upset when someone assumed that since she was black, she was a Democrat.

But the Democratic Party bets tens of millions of dollars, very openly, on that assumption every election year.

But if you say it, you’re a bigot.

“The truth,” as the British Court ruled, “Is no defense.”

There is only one way to get things said, and that is to SAY them.

You can do more good repeating what I just said in Newsgroups than you can by bitching and whining and being depressed for the rest of your life.

If one person repeated the truth for every hundred people who bitch and whine about how hopeless everything is, we could make some real progress.




Sign at a Business Establishment Philadelphia, PA:


This sign was prominently displayed in the window of a
business in Philadelphia . Most would be outraged at
the thought of such an inflammatory statement.

One would think that anti-hate groups from all across
the country would be marching on this business, and
that the National Guard might have to be called to
keep the angry crowds back.

But, perhaps in these stressful times, one might be
tempted to let the proprietors simply make their

We are a society who holds ”Freedom of Speech” as
perhaps our greatest liberty. And after all, it is
just a sign.

You may ask what business would dare post such a sign?

Goldberg’s Funeral Home