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This is Getting Out of Hand and I LOVE It!

I come in here and I am as surprised as everybody else about what is being done.

READ THE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are REALLY out of it if you don’t.

One example:

In a comment, one of my best writers here mentioned that he was lost in the computerese of people like SysOps and BoardAd (sic).

Me, too, and it’s GREAT!

There are few accolades that have made the difference to me in my life, ones I keep repeating to myself. One of them is when SysOps said, in passing, that you should listen to BOB when it comes to management skills. It was NOT written as praise of me, it was a simple statement of fact. ALL of the compliments that have made my efforts worthwhile have been this way, simple, straight statements of fact, as when the coal miners said I spoke for them.

The “trick” in my management style is, as usual with me, so simple you don’t NOTICE it. As Chairman of the Board, I don’t need to know what SysOps and BoardAd are talking about. The point is that I’VE GOT SYSOPS AND BoardAd. THAT is what a real manager works with.

As usual, what I DO is what others THEORIZE about. When you get the BEST, get the hell out of the way! I don’t need to know their biography to know that SysOps and BoardAd probably spend their days being micromanaged by some dunderhead who doesn’t come up to their left toenail.

IF they can get jobs at all. I know first-hand that most managers are terrified of people like that.

Then THE BEST PEOPLE are allowed to come here and go ahead and DO it! I am giving them their dream, the one a decent society would have them doing while the dunderhead they work under would be emptying their trash baskets.

I don’t even want to dwell on the SHAME of this to our society. I just get less angry and more determined. If society insists on handing me their best, I am not about to object to it. I am trying to get the society where this shame will STOP.