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Mark and Tom

1. Mark says:
You know what’s scary, Bob? I find myself asking you a question, like about 911, or looking for an answer to a question on WOL and then, after reading your opinion I find myself saying, “Okay, Bob says such and such so the matter’s settled.”
I even caught myself telling my wife something about race or politics or something — I forget exactly — and my only argument to back it up was, “Well, hon, Bob Whitaker said so.”
I’m gonna’ have to go have my head examined….
18 June 2007, 11:07 pm [Edit]

2. Tom says:
Ole Bob is going to slap me for this, but it means you’re a whitakerite.


This is light-hearted stuff, but it gives me a chance to define again what Wordism is.

Mark, keep in mind that what I am doing here is either wild egotism or I’ve learned a LOT of things people need to know. Over fifty years of experience, thought and pain went into it.

If I didn’t think my advice was the best you can get, I wouldn’t be doing this.

Most of what I say without pay is correcting what bureaucracies have drummed into you FOR pay. I try to explain how those bureaucracies work, and they penetrate every part of your life.

Tom, there is nothing wrong with being a whitakerite if by that you mean you learn the tricks of the intellectual trade I have developed. I always welcome correction, which a Wordist will not tolerate.

All learning is not Wordism. All intellectual habits are not Wordist. For example, I keep explaining that Guilt pays MONEY, so teaching and communications bureaucracies naturally push guilt.

Mark may NOW be a whitakerist, small w, but he will DEVELOP his own markism. Only if he becomes a Whitakerist, capitalized, will things have gone too far. A Whitakerist would look in the Book of Bob for every answer all the way t Utopia as an unimpeachable source. A whitakerist thinks about it on his own and examines the source of ANY information to the point of psychoanalysis. He figures out WHY the source, including Bob, said that in the first place.

Somebody is spending money to publish or publicize it and we want to know WHY. To us, there is no “professional objectivity.”

And “peer review” means The Party Line.

Real whitakerism is simple truth fighting millions of Truths.



Danerebor Tells It Short and Sweet

Moral of the story?

Don’t worry about “the future”. Worry about doing what’s RIGHT, right now.

In fact, why worry? Just do what’s RIGHT for US.


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