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As Opposed to What?

Posted by Bob on June 28th, 2007 under Coaching Session

Just a couple of entries back, in “An Intellectual Exercise: Why Money Doesn’t Buy Power” I went over some of the basic ways of thought I am trying to inculcate here. Now that the seminar is carrying itself I am free to go back over the basics that have developed here.

Before the Masturbation Generation, slogans like Peace and Freedom and Anti-Racism met solid criticism. Only with the screaming Jews of the sixties were grownups able to use phrases like this freely in America. Screaming Peace and Freedom was the hallmark of the Love Generation that used to call families of troops in Nam and tell them falsely that their son had been killed in action and other Love-like actions.

I reached my twenties in the 60s so that period is fresh in my mind. It was everything hateful and stupid proclaimed as Idealism. And I SAW where it was going.

And the simple rule here is that the question is NEVER “What is wrong with Love and Brotherhood?” The question is “What is wrong with MY VERSION of Love and Brotherhood?”

FORTY YEARS LATER, Bloomburg, a former media insider, explained this attitude in his book “Bias.” Bloomburg said that the media moguls don’t gather together each morning and say, “What will we do for our leftist agenda today?”

They don’t know it’s an agenda. More specifically, and more correctly, they don’t know there is any OTHER agenda but their own. To them, there is either gun control or gun nuts. There is no QUESTION that there is a QUESTION.

Which is why we use the Mantra. The Mantra begins where people ARE. People in general are not aware that there IS a question when it comes to white survival. Most conservatives are exactly like the media when it comes to liberalism: There is either goodness or evil racism.

Since the total wimp-out of the Masturbation Generation our first job is to remind the world that there ARE questions. As Dave points out, Political Correctness is nothing but bullying, and the Masturbation Generation with it World War II obedience training allowed bullies to take over completely.

Point 1 is that we must now concentrate on standing on our feet and making it clear that there IS another side. But there is a second step.

From now on NO ONE can be allowed to use words like brotherhood and nonviolence and peace without being faced down. They MUST use the words, “what IN MY OPINION is love, brotherhood, nonviolence, anti-racism.” Those three words would make political debate SANE.

You cannot make a living as a respectable conservative if you ask, “What IS racism?” I have heard the question asked, but no one EVER presses for an answer. “Racism” is an in dispensable part of the Politically Correct bullying process. To question it is to DESTROY it.

Today only respectable conservatives stand between Political Correctness and its destruction. The day that the forces of Political Correctness are forced to use the three words IN MY OPINION is the day PC will become history.

  1. #1 by Simmons on 06/28/2007 - 11:00 am

    The respectables did not want to be in charge they want to be the privates to ol’ sarge and the officer corps. I figured that out early enough in life that most people follow the masturbation gen’s lead and sit there and take there ration of crap with a smile. To destroy the PC regime it literally would only take the right questions posed to the priests, yet even the semi respectables blanch from anything more than quoting someone else’s work on black low intelligence. We have enough shouters what we need is more questioners.

  2. #2 by Dave on 06/28/2007 - 12:38 pm

    Yes, those words “In MY opinion” or the inverse, “That’s just YOUR opinion” have great power.

    The Achilles heel of the bullies is that nothing real ever gets resolved or settled under their dominion.

    It is not tenable to have 800 thousand unemployed blacks and other types of nonwhites living in public housing in the City of Chicago. It is not a tenable scheme, not matter how successful the City is in prettying it up.

    It is not tenable to have checkered swaths of urban destruction from Camden all the way north through Patterson and then south through Jersey City and then squirreling on east through all the shithole colored neighborhoods hidden away in the Burroughs of New York City, hundreds of square miles of intermittent prostitute and drug dealer invested garbage dumps masquerading as habitable places. It’s just not a tenable scheme.

    It is not tenable to have a cordoned off and besieged cauldron of 2 million writhing in misery in Gaza. Israel does not have enough bombs and bullets to make that tenable.

    Ask a bastard like Bloomberg if he has got a solution and all he can offer is a lie.

    That’s why those words “In MY opinion” or “That’s just YOUR opinion” are so powerful.

    Those words are the beginning of getting a grip.

  3. #3 by Prometheus on 06/28/2007 - 6:12 pm

    They use “In Your Opinion” to invalidate your opinion. Your view is just ‘your Opinion’, whereas theirs is “The Truth”.

    They may grudgingly allow is to hold our opinions, as long as we keep them to ourselves, but we must never change the status quo, their Truth.

    That is beyond investigation, beyond criticism. They might grant you the ability to hold a different view, but you’ll always be an ‘infidel’, unfaithful to PC.

    Time to bring them down.

    Pay close attention to language used by liberals and the media. They always make opponents to PC appear foolish precisely because they DO ask questions.

  4. #4 by mderpelding on 06/28/2007 - 6:13 pm

    There is one problem with this whole discussion.
    The concepts of left and right and liberal and conservative and republican and democrat all have NO MEANING. If you are still discussing our political/existential situation in those terms you are STILL part of the problem.

    All those above terms are meaningless and deadly in a multiracial polity. You have minorities practicing racial politics behind the facade of unity politics.

    Do you SEE? Some real smart fellows found out that white people see the world through language. Change the referant, and voila!!!, control the debate. Make uncomfortable facts dissappear.

    As far as our chances go, we need to start basing morality on reproduction and stop blathering on about ancient writings and unseen
    phantoms. Life is a numbers game. Non-whites are out reproducing us. We are shrinking. So we are losing territory. Consider the Mexican-U.S. border. Even if we build a wall, in a few generations, there will be no-one left to defend it except a few octogenarians. Meanwhile, there will be many millions of mestizos storming the parapets.

    Dave, note the Isreali problem…
    Most Jews want to sit fat and happy in the west. Meanwhile, according to TIME, fertility in the West Bank is 4.17 children per woman and in the Gaza strip, 5.64 children per woman. In both places, children under 14 make up over 40% of the total populace. The Jews are TOAST. And they know it. Enough people storm a wall, it’s all over.
    Why do you think they have a nuclear arsenal? Surely not to protect themselves against raging Mohammedans on camals.
    Nukes are long range weapons. Who is in their crosshairs?
    It won’t be hard to push the button if you are dead anyhow.

    The same lesson holds for us.
    All the White identity/nationalism belief won’t amount to a hill of beans if we refuse to grow our populations. Eventually, one race will populate the Earth, or at least control it. I promise you they will be in the majority.

    Morals, virtue, technology, philosophy, theology, and any other intellectual conceits will mean absolutely NOTHING.

  5. #5 by Al Parker on 06/29/2007 - 12:14 am

    I just read on Covington’s blog that the Supreme Court “radical new majority turned its back on that proud tradition [of Brown v. Board of Ed] in a 5-4 ruling…”, as you can read here in a New York Times opinion piece:

    Resegregation Now

    Is this one of the omens? Is this something that shows us “it’s happening”?

  6. #6 by richard on 06/29/2007 - 7:21 am

    Bob, what was that you were saying about Eastern Europe being prepared for mass non-white immigration?

    “There are severe discrepancies in our labour market,” said Poland’s labour minister, Anna Kalata, who recently travelled to New Delhi to sign a memorandum of understanding with India to entice workers to come to the former eastern bloc country to fill the gaping hole. “The need for labour is particularly acute in the construction sector in the run-up to Euro 2012, and we need you,” she told Indians. “The fact that the Polish economy is growing at a rate of over 7% is making the problem even more acute.”

    Hundreds of thousands are expected to take up the challenge, even though many will have only a tenuous grasp on where Poland is. One Indian newspaper has predicted: “Poland is to be the next hot destination for Indian workers.”,,2110751,00.html

  7. #7 by Hardric on 06/30/2007 - 7:09 am

    mderpelding says:
    There is one problem with this whole discussion.
    The concepts of left and right and liberal and conservative and republican and democrat all have NO MEANING. If you are still discussing our political/existential situation in those terms you are STILL part of the problem.

    All those above terms are meaningless and deadly in a multiracial polity. You have minorities practicing racial politics behind the facade of unity politics.

    Ah, yes, the political terminology of yesteryear. We can, nevertheless, in this transition period from Petty Party Politics to Racial Politics, use these terms to suit our needs. Conservative? If you want to categorize verbose fools of the William Buckley School, include a racial adjective and an additional: “Respectable White Conservative Fools.” Bring race into the picture.

    Are you a Respectable White Conservative Fool. Nice to meet you, anytime you want to get serious about the future we must have a chit chat.

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