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Using the Concept of Wordism

One of the big arguments for universalism is how much alike the Great Religions are. But if you recognize the disease of Wordism and you want to get back to actual concepts of Christ or Buddha or mohammed, these “common” growths of the institutions that grew up in their names if the first thing you must jettison.

As one commenter said, I seem to love Christ and hate Christianity.

I see Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism as wordist institutions that grew up after Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed. They are, in the worst sense of the word, growths, like cancer.

And they are, indeed, very much alike. The laws which govern the survival of any institution are very much alike. So Christianity was very much at home with Roman slavery and is very much at home with etting rid of the white race today. That’s how institutions are.

With long, long Commentaries and so forth what Christ or Buddha actually said becomes incrusted with the same wordist effluvia.

It is precisely by getting rid of “what the Great Faiths have in common” that one can begin to get back to the message. Wordism is one of our BASICS. Let’s USE it.


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