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Some Actual History

The greatest victory ever won was indeed World War II. But it has little do with people in uniforms. It was fought in the world of propaganda and intelligence. As usual, by the time the shooting began the real war was over. It can be told today as it could not be before.

As the 1930s progressed, the Soviet Union and the whole world of intellectual supporters of the Marxist revolution were in desperate straits. After the October Revolution in 1918, Communists took over no more countries for a quarter of a century.

From the Marxist point of view, things were disastrous by the 1930s. The world was terrified by the successful revolutions in Europe in the 1920s and every one of the Marxist revolutionary governments was taken down by internal forces within a year.

In fact, by the 1930s, there had not only been no more successful Bolshevik revolutions, but every one of them that succeeded briefly had been tossed out of power by the very people Lenin and Trotsky had thought would rise against the capitalists.

Let us now stop for a moment and state that this disastrous situation was recognized only by the Marxist left. They were in the business of real power. To the commentators then and historians now, the whole situation was just a jumble of competing ideologies and personalities But for the tens of thousands of revolutionary Marxists there was only one bottom line: We are losing.

In fact, since the Bolshevik seizure of power in 1918, there had been only two successful national revolutions, one in Italy and one in Germany. By 1935 anti-Communism was growing on all strategic fronts, and the whole world had been immunized against Bolshevism by the actual short-term takeovers of revolutionaries in a few state and a counterrevolution.

By 1945, half of Europe was handed over to the Communists and anti-Communism had been discredited or, in the case of fascism, crushed. The Red Scare which had beaten Communism during the 20s and 30s was now discredited.

But unless you know what Wordism is, what a REAL war is about and other basics you are living in a different world from REAL power.

First of all, we are all aware that each major religion has a number of opposing parts. We also know that each part is very far from the actual teachings of its original prophets They are institutions, each one developed in an environment of institutional survival.

But it hard for people to think of Karl Marx as anything but The One Successful Prophet. So when I talk about Communists and anti-Communists, Stormfronters see anti-Communists in the plural, but the Bolsheviks as one, unbroken plot by Jews or Trotskyites versus Stalinists or Illuminati or socialists.

Nothing is more likely to be denounced by every branch of anti-Communists than the idea that Communism also evolved, that it is no more pure Marxism than the Eastern Orthodox Church is Perfect Christianity. Stormfronters feel that there is the True Church Versus the Devil, and anyone who humanizes the Devil or sees Marxism as an institution is on the side of Satan.

This is not the way one plays the adult game of power politics.