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Near Misses

I tried to Google the name of the Roman Senator who at the end of EVERY speech, said, “and let me add that Carthage is a danger to Rome and must be destroyed.”

And it came to pass that Rome destroyed Carthage.

And salted the ground it stood on.

Shoving their faces in the Mantra is a direct hit. Anything else is a near miss. Near misses aren’t just bad, they are the basis of the entire respectable conservative industry.

Respectable conservative is the salvation of the enemy.

The entire respectable conservative industry — and it IS an industry bigger, than most national economies — is based on making the opponents of Political Correctness BELIEVE their points are being addressed when they are not. Respectable conservatism IS near-misses.

I made my living for many, many years in the respectable conservative industry. I got my money and my retirement by knowing exactly what a near-miss looks like. I was high in the ranks of those who knew exactly how to make YOUR contributors an voters THINK you have made the very point they can’t express, but at the same time firing just a little bit off the target, so the other side can continue the argument.

I am like a knife-thrower who has spend many years learning to miss the target by a hair’s breadth. If that expert knife thrower decides to practice HITTING the target, he is deadly accurate.