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T. Boone Pickens’ “Problem” – Yea, Right!

Pickens says he has a transmission problem with the $10 billion wind-power project he was winding up for.

Thomas Edison had a real problem with his DC electric generation. That was genuine and it happened over a century and a quarter ago. But today you don’t do the specs for a local generator, let alone a major project, without working all that out before it’s even submitted at the lowest level.

Especially if you want to work for T. Boone. T Boone’s idea of a cozy evening at home is for him and his wife to read stock reports to each other.

Like T. Boone, I discovered that a Southern accent is the ultimate weapon in dealing with the Smart Guys. He wanted to get in with the new administration and the power brokers, so he took the leadership in environmentally friendly power generation. They made him spokesman.

He offered them a ten billion dollar investment in wind power. Now, he say, he has this “unexpected” problem with sending the power to Dallas, so he has to rethink.

Yea, right. So now he has all the credit and this project will run into endless unexpected problems so he can’t invest too much in it. He’s just a dumb old Southern boy who happens to have money, so Obama’s keepers probably will be satisfied.