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Current Buzz Thinking Can Literally Drive You Nuts

Since Rousseau, Marx and all the rest wrote the basis of modern Political Correctness, every assumption they made has been destroyed. In fact, just repeating what their concept of human nature was based on is like telling people about bleeding and Galen in medicine.

Two or three centuries ago modern medicine would seem to be a hopeless cause. Since any step forward required a rejection of EVERYTHING medical teaching was based on then.

We are trying to do the same thing in social science, so do not despair.

Rousseau, Marx and Political Correctness are all based on the concepts that “Animals do not fight wars,” “You have never seen an animal ask for another animal’s passport, “The class System is a purely human invention.” and so forth.

We all have seen POPULAR documentaries that make hash of this nonsense.

No, chimps do not ask for passports. They silently patrol their borders together and tear apart any chimp who is caught crossing them.

The animal class system not only gives the upper class absolute power, it often forces all males outside it to be sterile.

War? Watch two sets of meerkats go after each other.

And so forth.

You tend to look at the world from the point of view of the latest buzz. I look at the world from the point of view of the surprisingly many doctors who recognize the germ theory three centuries ago and are now forgotten.

This is a very important distinction. Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis tried to get doctors to wash their hands when they came to deliver babies STRAIGHT FROM THE DISSECTING ROOM. He was so overwhelmed by the number of women and babies dying in agony from the rejection of his deduction that he died insane.

And Semmelweis is the only martyr to such a cause THAT WE KNOW ABOUT.

If I thought the world’s future was as this century’s buzz makes it out, I would probably be giggling to myself in a cell right now.