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Servitude and Slavery

Servitude is doing what you do not want to do. It doesn’t matter if YOU are wielding your own whip.

Servitude should ONLY be engaged in for loyalty or reward. For any other reason it is slavery. Which leads us back to the whip I mentioned.

Aryans spend a large part of their lives whipping themselves for what they “ought” to be doing. This is not slavery if overcoming lethargy will result in a REWARD or a SERVICE to the group to which one has a loyalty. For example, I know that I would spend a lot less time in depression if I got up and exercised first thing in the morning.

Now that I have lived so long, I know me well enough to understand that often I won’t do that “ought,” so I forgive myself. I force myself into enough exercise for my health.

In my Aryan youth, I could not really forgive myself for not doing all that I “ought” to have done. I had two nervous breakdowns to prove it.

I might have avoided the actual breakdowns if I hadn’t spent the little rest time I had whipping myself over what I “ought” to have done additionally.

I might have avoided the actual breakdowns if I hadn’t spoiled the satisfaction of what I WAS doing by worrying over whether I shouldn’t be doing something else, if my priorities were straight.

Many, many times my priorities hadn’t been straight, and I kicked myself over THAT. As a result, my priorities worries at work were worse. Working while you are saying to yourself, “You remember the last time you got off track? You may be doing that again” is a shortcut to a breakdown.

That is whipping yourself for its own sake. That is not servitude, that is SLAVERY. The fact that you are your own overseer makes it worse, not better.

No matter what the law says, slavery occurs when you do not ask, “What is in this for ME or MINE?” Libertarianism makes the fatal mistake of taking the MINE out of the equation.

As I have pointed out before, if the MINE or natural loyalty were taken out, no one would vote libertarian. No one would vote at all. The potential reward to YOURSELF from your vote, if you are doing a PERSONAL cost-benefit analysis, is zero. You vote because you want your SOCIETY to go a certain way.

If libertarianism and its theoretical expression, Public Choice, can’t even explain why people vote it certainly cannot explain the rest of life.

Under pure Public Choice Theory, as all the experts in that field agree, no votes would occur, no public choices would be made. They admit they can’t doesn’t explain why people vote, but they don’t worry about that.

Then they proceed to explain HOW people vote. You cannot explain HOW people vote if your logic tells you they should not vote at all. People only vote because they care how their SOCIETY goes. Only loyalty explains why people vote at all.

Libertarians make this basic mistake because of their own SLAVISH thinking.

Often the person welding the whip of slavery is not you. It is someone you do not realize is your Master.

Anyone who tells you what you want is a PREJUDICE rather than a PREFERENCE is your Master. All libertarians allow an Ayn Rand or some other overseer to tell them that all loyalty is PREJUDICE because it is not PURE self-interest.

With what we know now about the behavior of every social animal, loyalty is as natural to man as sex, and for the same reason. Libertarians all have overseers. They are all slaves.