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BUGS and Minorities

Commenters have mentioned the fact that us Bigots have more actual experience talking with minorities than whites who are militantly anti-white do. In the segregation days it was generally admitted that the average Yankee could count on one hand the number of actual blacks he had ever talked to, though he freely called us “prejudiced,” which means to judge a thing without seeing it.

What might be called my first multicultural experience was when I went to a segregated first grade. My nearest potential white playmate was a mile away, and I didn’t starting going to his place until I learned to ride a bike.

My last book included the Mantra as well as a denunciation of Mommy Professor, and I gave copy to the black female guard, or Courtesy Officer, downstairs. She read the whole book that day, and in fact the manageress said she was a bit worried about her guard duties since every time she saw her, her face was buried in that book.

First, of course, not many working people get a book from the author. Secondly, my book was an answer to all those people who imply that you don’t know anything unless you’ve been to college.

But it also contained a defense of the existence of my race, and I never hesitated to give it to a black woman who talks to everyone in the building where I own my living space.

From then until she was transferred by her company she kept assuring me she was my biggest fan.

I got up a conversation on the net some time back with a black guy who was born in West Columbia, just as I was. He couldn’t see anything wrong with my wanting to keep my race alive in the immigration and assimilation craze, though he himself had hated segregation.

He said it was a noble sentiment, he just hadn’t thought of it that way before.

It IS a noble sentiment. I have never hidden it from any member of a minority group.

There is general impression that somehow in order to have a non-white like you, you have to guarantee him your daughter. But no Orthodox Jew is going to do that. All those wild assimilationists who call themselves Christians do not consider that the only wedding Jesus blessed, the Wedding at Cana, would not have been blessed by him if it had been multicultural.

It is almost impossible to get any rabbi to even attend, much less perform, a multicultural wedding involving a Jew or Jewess.

If they are going to use the word multicultural when they mean multiracial, we might as well get some mileage out of it.

There is only one final solution to race problem. That was the problem in the debate over segregation. The same people who said integration had nothing to do with intermarriage then now say the whole purpose was the final solution, interracial marriage.

This is the kind of thing respectable cosnervatives make a living by never remembering.


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Practical Politics Seminar

Practical Politics Seminar: Non-Voting Politics and 21st Century Verbal Tactics For Anyone White and Normal

Third Weekend of September, Knoxville, TN-Area

We stand at a remarkable time in our history. All White countries, and only White countries, presently endure a demand for displacement of their White populations through massive immigration of non-Whites. White countries around the world suffer under the calumny and hatred of anti-White legislation and institutionalized group vilification of their native population. The path that led our countries to this remarkable point can be traced through the words and tactics used by anti-White agitators. Simply put, verbal tactics and a consistent message overwhelmed the reason and innate sense of self-worth that should have checked these anti-White movements every step of the way. Instead, a few invented terms and a concept of “racism” rooted in opposition to White hegemony in our own countries allowed our leadership and elites to pursue a genocide on their own people without opposition.

These words and tactics resonated in their own time and in their own place. Today we see a new group of people, in the United States and abroad, dedicated to leveraging the hypocrisies of this anti-White myth. The past decades of one-sided venom against White families, and the subsequent recalcitrance from our so-called leaders to oppose it on the grounds of genocide, shows nothing if not that words and a powerful vision can change the world. Today a group of people whom you likely know of (and many whom you may not) pursue a new vision. This new vision compels the propagators of the old one to answer for their crimes and wields a stronger power because it speaks the truth instead of an anti-White fantasy.

To answer the demand for accountability from those who disparage and attack the happiness, lives, and faith of White people wherever we may live, a seminar on verbal tactics will convene in East Tennessee in the third weekend of September. Pro-White presenters from different walks of life will lead workshops on different aspects of their expertise in this struggle to engage and galvanize White morale. The overwhelming theme of this seminar will address the simple verbal tactics that crumble the facade of anti-Whites and give our people the offensive. All attendees will leave with the tools to turn any curse word, such as “racist,” on its head and leave their antagonist retreating.

Workshops will focus on varying situations in which our attendees may utilize these tools. Many different goals can be attained using the same consistent message. Whether you hope to leave confident to rouse your neighbor or social group to a pro-White stand, or wish to run for political office, the presenters will address many possible opportunities and situations to utilize these practical tools.

This seminar will expand upon the power of words and symbols. Symbolic figures wielding powerful, simple phrases and chants have changed history. It will focus attendee’s efforts against anti-White opponents into specific phrases, symbols, and public demonstrations. These tactics are designed to most quickly neutralize the anti-White opposition’s hexes and curses such as “racism” and “White supremacism.” Whether you intend to represent White interests as a public figure or from behind-the-scenes, group discussions and exercises will equip you with vital keys to crumble the enemy’s facade.

The seminar itself will take place over one long day and will provide many opportunities to interact with presenters and attendees alike. Attendees who have already confirmed their registration include pro-White organizers, businesspeople, authors, activists, contributors, and many others who have dedicated themselves effectively to promoting a pro-White agenda. The Knoxville area is beautifully surrounded by the Smoky Mountains and the seminar will offer ample opportunities to enjoy the surrounding country with other attendees.

This seminar will focus on arming attendees with verbal tactics and then practicing them in a comfortable environment with long-time experts. During the breaks, conversation with presenters and attendees alike will give the opportunity to discuss ideas and become involved in a larger network.

Below is a brief list of presenters and workshop leaders:

James Edwards, a pro-White political activist and host of the award winning and long running pro-White AM radio program, the Political Cesspool out of Memphis, TN, and author of Racism Schmacism. He will speak and address throwing anti-Whites on the defensive instead of cowering to name-calling.


Bob Whitaker, a former Capital Hill staffer and political lobbyist, currently writes for his blog, Bob’s Undergraduate Seminar, and there organizes his readers to utilize his version of the pro-White consistent message across the internet. He will lead discussions on the consistent message and leveraging hypocrisy by opposing White Genocide.


Paul Fromm, a Canadian Free Speech advocate, and director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, has defended numerous people charged over the past several years by the Canadian government of subversive speech on the internet under its so-called “hate speech laws.” He will address pro-White advocacy under the hammer of government censorship.


Horus the Avenger, a student of Bob Whitaker and the host of the popular podcast, Follow the White Rabbit, focuses his efforts on training pro-White advocates in utilizing verbal tactics against anti-Whites and maintaining a consistent message at all times. He will bring his expertise in practical politics to a ready audience. His workshop will be conducted in conjunction with internet radio host and daily correspondent to the AM radio Don and Derek Black Show, Truck Roy. Their past team podcasts on this topic have already caught fire across the internet.


The entire staff of the pro-White AM radio program The Don and Derek Black Show will be in attendance and participating in workshops and presentations throughout the day.

Many other prominent attendees and presenters will also be present. There will also be a contingent of attendees focused on business from the “Economic Summits” organized on Stormfront. As well there will be people experienced with homesteading and hobbyfarming and a slough of entrepreneurial skills.

Because of a dedicated and talented group of organizers, the seminar has multiple private locations throughout the area. There is no concern of cancellation, but let it be known that a large open field and a big-top tent remain one possible fallback should it become necessary. This is the spirit in which this vital seminar will be conducted. This event presents a key opportunity to gain connections to the large network of effective pro-White activists across America and the world.

Attendance is limited to a little over 150. In order to guarantee a place, please register early. The cost, $45 per attendee payable through Stormfront, will guarantee a place at the seminar and will include you immediately in further plans as we approach the date. Food will be provided at the location. All attendees may book their own accommodations, and a lodging recommendation in the area will be sent after successful registration. No tickets will be available less than 72 hours before the seminar begins.

Register for the seminar through a donation to Stormfront. Include $45 per ticket and designate the payment as for the seminar. Please be sure to include a reliable means to contact you quickly (preferably a cell phone number or email address) with updates.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!



Murder and the Mantra

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for a killer if he could tell the police, “You have asked that question twenty times. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for being so repetitious.”

No doubt it does make them look unsophisticated, but the police are not respectable conservatives. They simply will not stop asking a question until it has been answered. In fact they don’t stop asking it after it has been answered because they want to be sure your answer is consistent.

But everybody seems to be a sucker for this “repetitious” line.

Normally all a liberal has to do is make it clear that that point has been made enough and a conservative backs off, or he will lose his respectable paycheck.

But if it ever happens that some respectable conservative has cajones enough to keep demanding an answer, there is one way to shut him up..

The liberal says, “I already answered that.”

When you have chased an anti-white around over all over with the Mantra, they will refer to the thousands of words they and other have said and claim the question has already been asked over and over and ANSWERED over and over.

Respectable conservatives get paid for falling for that line, but a cop who did would be looking for a new line of work.

That “You already asked that” and the follow up “I already answered that” simply do not work with grownups.



It is SUPPRESSION That Leads to Violence

I haven’t been keeping up with it, but the Norwegian who did the Oslo killings seems to have been a Tea Party type.

That is to say, this extremist is allowed to denounce runaway immigration, and at the same time, as a Wordist “Christian,” he is pro-Israel.

The guy doing the shooting at the Holocaust Memorial was an 88-year-old white man.

There is going to be a lot of violence, because violence is ALWAYS the result when you forcibly shut off discussion of any important issue.

Naturally when an incident like Oklahoma City or Oslo comes up, the left says it is a result of not suppressing the other side enough. Even more naturally no respectable conservative EVER points out that violence comes from suppressing discussion of an issue.

I remember when Colmes told Hannity that the gun issue was not gone, because there would be another mass killing incident and gun control would be front and center again. He was practically salivating over the prospect. Anybody who did that on the right would lost his respectability pay check instantly.

After that there were incidents, but for decades every time a person shot down a group of unarmed, I repeat, unarmed, people, it caused an immediate cry for gun control. But since it finally filtered down even to the respectable conservatives that a mass killer can only operate when nobody has a gun, this clamor stopped.

I was doing stuff on that when I was on Capitol Hill in the 80s, and the National Rifle Association, being respectable, put forth the weakest conceivable arguments. Again and again the membership had to clear wimps out of the leadership.

Like Stormfront, the NRA always quit using an argument when the anti-gun forces said, “You have said that over and over.” The NRA did not require an ANSWER before it stopped making perfectly true points.

If what the NRA said made the anti-guns uncomfortable, they had a set of tactics to make these wimps abandon what they were saying because it wasn’t sophisticated.



GO, SWARM!!!!!

It is such a delight for me to read BUGS SWARM!

Once again I beg you to at least copy and paste the Mantra in one place and report it in BUGS SWARM.

I used to offer a lot of advice here on how to fight the fight. But now many of us are in the thick of the fighting and they deal with the difficulties, often, let me admit, better than I would.

Whenever someone uses “anti” or anything else except “anti-white” I just have to sit and wait for them to be corrected. A correction by two separate people is better. We are her to win, not to rub someone’s ego.

Someone with a delicate ego will get out of this hot kitchen FAST.

And with so many people getting in here and DOING I get some points I never got to when I was the only one in there and DOING on white genocide.

The entire YouTube strategy was developed in BUGS SWARM.

A point was just brought up there that was advanced even for me:

Is it better to pour comments into YouTube that have a small audience or to put them into those with a huge audience?

The argument for big audience YouTube is of course that the Mantra sticks out there. Another BUGSTER argued that the Mantra gets lost in the huge number of comments.

It’s certainly a valid point, and we have no statistical way to test the effects, any more than most advertisers can show the connection between their advertising and selling.

My whole purpose with the Mantra was to state the undeniable fact of white genocide when it was being crowded out and ignored. I WANT anti-whites and everybody else to be grinding their teeth about how SICK they are of it.

In my opinion, no matter how large the number of other comments, the Mantra will be seen by a lot of people.

I, of course, ask you to put it in EVERY site you can.

It is so good to have other people making points only an active Mantra person would learn to make. When one of our people gets sidetracked, someone in the SWARM immediately reminds him that we are not here to convert anti-whites, but to get the Mantra to public attention.

This does not mean you should not bring in readers with a good fight for them to see. It means you should keep it to the Mantra and of its reasoning.

It is always better to put something that has to do with action into BUGS SWARM than not to.

Just a few minutes of your time will make Ole Bob a happier man.